Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Opening credits - Charlie's Angels

Now then, what is there left to say about Charlie's Angels? Plenty I say. Let's get to it.

For girls growing up in the 70s, there was only one TV show and this was it. I was only a youngster when the Angels hit our TV screens but I have such fond memories of watching this and being totally entranced. The glamour! The hair! The clothes! Three 'little girls' fighting crime and solving cases while tossing their bountiful locks of hair and donning lip gloss. OMG. Seriously, O.M.G.

It was wonderful of course. And much as I like Cheryl Ladd, Farrah was who we all wanted to be. Well actually, this isn't true. I always wanted to be Jacklyn. Even now I covet her hair. But Farrah was cool. Kate was cool. They were all cool. Watch the opening credits and you could be looking at a fashion show from 2011 as all these clothes are back in this season.

A timeless show of pure genius with the voice of Blake Carrington as Charlie. It's hard to imagine needing anything more from a TV show. They just don't make television as entertaining as this nowadays.

These credits are season two as it's hard to find season one online. Enjoy.

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