Monday, 7 March 2011


Everybody needs good neighbours. 80s Neighbours was fantastic. Fan-bloody-tastic. It's hard to explain why; the acting wasn't stellar, the sets were notoriously wobbly and god, it didn't even get that sunny on Ramsey Street. What's the point of an Australian soap without sun? But, it was compelling wasn't it? 25 mins a day of bounce, Bouncer and some teen love thrown in. How could it fail?

I know I harp on about there being nothing to do back in the 80s and it's not strictly true, I expect some people climbed trees and hiked miles but I was always an indoor sports kind of gal and Neighbours fitted that home from school/college window very nicely. Cup of tea and a sit down with the Ramseys and Robinsons. Marvellous.

I gave up watching this years ago. I expect it's still entertaining enough but they will never top Des & Daphne (giving birth with tights on!), Mike & Jane, Henry & Bronwyn and, of course, the mighty Scott & Charlene. I never was, and never will be, a Jason Donovan fan but I do have a soft spot for Kylie, even now. Much of it is based on the good will of her performance as Charlene. She acted her little socks off with some truly awful lines and dear god, what a wedding dress. No round up of Neighbours is complete without a reference to The Wedding. Complete with Angry Andersen, here it is. Check out everyone's face! It's priceless. I shall save my thoughts on Home & Away for another day.



  1. Dear Lord, that dress. And the bridesmaids' dresses! And the frosted peach lipstick!


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