Sunday, 13 March 2011

Opening credits - The A Team

Everyone loved The A Team. It was a show of complete and utter genius. Just rewatching the credits fills me with a wave of warm nostalgia. This is what Saturday evening television was all about. The idea of soldiers of fortune, still wanted by the police, helping needy people around LA was brilliant.

Casting in these sort of shows is everything and the producers didn't put a foot wrong. George Peppard was exactly right in this, chewing on his cigar, loving it when a plan came together. Every girl had a crush on Dirk Benedict as the suave Face, Dwight Schultz played Mad Maverick beautifully and of course, Mr T. Ahhh, Mr T. B.A. Baracus was one of the great TV characters of the 80s and it made Mr T a huge star. He was called Mr T. I might start calling myself Mrs M. See if I can start a craze.

I had an A Team poster on my wall and eagerly awaited it every Saturday. It was lovely and innocent. Famously nobody ever died in it, even if they'd been blown up in a car, you always saw that they had survived.

It was silly, it was repetitive, Hannibal's disguises were ridiculous but these four guys played it all perfectly and you just knew they were raking in the money and laughing at how weak we were in the face of that theme tune and those iconic catchphrases. What a theme. Hard to top. Enjoy!

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