Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sheena Easton

Back in time we go to the early 80s when Sheena was a big star. Ahhhh, such innocent times. The Scottish lass who made it big on The Big Time. Whenever I think of Sheena, I think of my nan disapprovingly saying that she'd ruined herself with all that make-up and she looked much better with a natural pretty face! Grandmothers are on this earth to make such comments.

What to make of Sheena? Did you know she'd been married four times? That is was watching The Way We Were that made her want to be a singer? She was huge in America of course and the fact is, she could actually, properly sing.

This video is hilarious, she looks strangely contemporary in it with her turquoise jumpsuit.


Sheena did two songs for the About Last Night album (one of my favourite albums, obviously) and both are songs I still listen to. It formed a montage in the film and wouldn't you know, here it is. Bonus Rob Lowe in this post.

Natural Love. Another montage scene but I can't find it on YouTube. I could describe it scene by scene but I will spare you. Suffice to say, it's the song they move in together to. And a giant bear is involved. It's very bouncy - the song, not the bear.

You haven't really made it until you've done a Bond theme. It's not a total classic but it's still pretty good. Very slinky.

However, her highpoint for me will always be U Got The Look. Your body's heck a slammin'. Only Prince could write such a lyric. This is when she sexed up. Of course Prince doesn't allow his songs on YouTube so I can't show you a proper version of it but hey, we all know it right? It's a brilliant song.

I am a bit disappointed to see what she looks like now. Housewife of New Jersey springs to mind. Sheena, go and find your Prince again.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Take That songs

Circumstances and fate bring me to a Take That retrospective. I've shared my love of Take That with you but never really done a thorough analysis of the songs. Pull up a chair and let's get stuck in.

We start with the jelly naked classic, Do What You Like

I still love this song, it's really good fun and the video looked like it cost about 10p to make.
Song rating: 7/10
Video rating: 9/10
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 9/10


Song rating: 4/10. It's not a classic let's face it.
Video rating: 5/10. There's a whiff of desperation to this video. We get it, you can breakdance.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 7/10. None of them are at their best but Howard is better in this I think.

Once You've Tasted Love

Song rating: 7/10. I've always had a soft spot for this. And Robbie raps!
Video rating: 4/10. Totally boring.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 6/10. What is going on with that hair?

It Only Takes A Minute

I consider this the first proper Take That song. It's still worth listening to 20 years later.
Song rating: 8/10
Video rating: 9/10. Plenty of cute Robbie moments. Nice dancing. Good effort.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 6/10. This video is all about Robbie.

I Found Heaven.
I am traumatised that I can't find the official video for this on YouTube. This is one of their finest moments.

Song rating: 9/10. Perfect summery pop.
Video rating: 9/10. Due to my obsessive fandom I remember this video frame by frame and it includes Robbie rollerblading and Gary trampolining!
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 8/10. He looks good but they all look good (except Gary, obviously).

A Million Love Songs.
I am not linking to this. I loathe this song. I absolutely cannot stand to hear it.

Song rating: 1/10 (for the sax)
Video rating: 1/10 (for Robbie and Jason)
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: can't remember as I try to forget this happened.

Could It Be Magic

Ah here we are with the song that properly obsessed me. Of course, it is Barry Manilow so it makes sense.

Song rating: 8/10. I still love it.
Video rating: 9/10. Another one I remember frame by frame. Girl in red dress couldn't dance. At all. Girl from Jim'll Fix It won a part in the video. Those were the days.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 8/10. Howard is mighty fine in this too.

Why Can't I Wake Up With You

Song rating: 5/10. Tedious.
Video rating: 6/10. Boring really. Throwing stuff into cups. Mean and moody.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 8/10.


Song rating: 8/10 but this song has not aged well. Loved it at the time.
Video rating: 9/10. This is what a boy band video is all about. Tops off. Tattoos.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 9/10. Oh yes.

Relight My Fire

Song rating: 9/10. It's a disco classic so obviously it's a great song.
Video rating: 9/10. I still love this video, so much fun. Jason in a shower.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 10/10. Jason in a shower.

I can't discuss Babe. Can we pretend it never happened? Please?

Everything Changes.

Song rating: 7/10. I never had the love for this one. Slightly boring. Technically a good song.
Video rating: 7/10. Sepia doesn't do much for me.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 10/10. Jason in his prime.

Love Ain't Here Anymore
No it isn't. Go away. Terrible.


Song rating: 3/10. This for me is where it all started going wrong for 90s Take That. Overblown and a boring song. The split was inevitable.
Video rating: 2/10. Will it ever end?
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 7/10. Hair got too long Jase.

Back For Good

Song rating: 9/10. Oh Gary, everything is forgiven for this gem. I still love it.
Video rating: 9/10. Black and white and great moves from Howard and Jason.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 9/10. Oh yes.

Never Forget

Song rating: 10/10. You've not lived until you clapped along to this live. Robbie rejoining the boys to sing his line was a highlight of 2011 for me. What?
Video rating: 8/10. Standard childhood shots which are nice enough, but the hair boys, the hair.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 6/10. I repeat, the hair.

How Deep Is Your Love.
No. You don't cover The Bee Gees. This was the end for me. Or so I thought.


Song rating: 8/10. It's a solid song but it doesn't move me. It is very good live.
Video rating: 8/10. Gritty. They are back.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 6/10. We still have hair issues.


Song rating: 9/10. I know Marky can't sing but I love this. LOVE IT.
Video rating: 9/10. Pure showbusiness.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 6/10. We still have hair issues.

Rule The World

Song rating: 10/10. I will never tire of this.
Video rating: 9/10. It helps by having much footage from Stardust, which is a great film. They all look hot in this.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 10/10. He's had a haircut at last. Good boy.

Greatest Day

Song rating: 9/10. Perfection. Gary on top form.
Video rating: 9/10. Sunset glory.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 10/10. It's all good.

Up All Night. No, we're not talking about this.

The Garden. Or this.

Said It All

Song rating: 10/10. This is one of my favourite Take That songs.
Video rating: 9/10. A nice video, clever and poignant.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 9/10. He's in clown paint and still looks good.

The Flood

Song rating: 7/10. It's ok but it doesn't move me.
Video rating: 8/10. A technically good video.
Jason hotness rating in comparison to the others: 9/10. Still on form.

I am stopping there as I am not a fan of the Progress album. I applaud them for taking a new direction but I like my power ballads from Take That. Or poppy pop.

Gosh, that was epic. I need a drink.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Mad Men gifs

Best show on TV. One day I'll do a proper post about it but until then.

Mad Men photo 1zfmyy0.gif

Mad Men photo ba-1_zps866beea5.gif

Mad Men photo 340x-5_zps6b917135.gif

Mad Men photo PEGGY-DANCING.gif

Mad Men photo fntsi8_zpsaac55d53.gif

Mad Men photo 4kvpj.gif

Mad Men photo hendricks_zpsf5974f7d.gif

Mad Men photo tumblr_likt93gNt71qfq1dpo1_500_zpsb082f505.gif

Mad Men photo 2ip54n.gif

Mad Men photo 2s6573p.gif

Mad Men photo r9mr2u.gif

Mad Men photo 002hcdr7.gif


Mad Men photo 9691318804f5a93513c5d688a9ec3c37_zpsd01589fd.gif

Mad Men photo H7eFilY_zps667876e7.gif

Mad Men photo 340xsmoke_zpsb358e694.gif

Mad Men photo 340x6_zps45ab1a4c.gif

Mad Men photo 2dwbvro.gif

Mad Men photo PeteTrudyDance_zps2dcad357.gif

Mad Men photo madmen2.gif

Mad Men photo original3-1_zps97777889.gif

Mad Men photo bute_zpsb9d9cb70.gif

Mad Men photo 4971ee8f40e34292dc1a163685966cda_zpsd3519027.gif

Mad Men photo RUNFATBOYRUN.gif

Mad Men photo betty-ice-cream_zpsdda7e182.gif

Mad Men photo giOntby_zpse064eabd.gif

I saved the best one until last.

Mad Men photo pete-campbell-punch_zpsa67477b1.gif

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Ferris gifs

It's what gifs were made for. Oh yes.

Ferris2 photo tumblr_lqo7g0dlgU1qhbenyo1_500_zpse0e9d4f6.gif

Ferris photo tumblr_lxix1wwLZW1r8bexxo1_500_zps954f0543.gif

Ferris photo 4206792764_8193b5dc11_o.gif

Ferris photo 4395926204_cfbf0e4ec5_o.gif

Ferris photo tumblr_mgvhv23t9i1qcq45eo1_500_zps34167633.gif

Ferris photo tumblr_ly20j0v5xJ1qfdt53o1_500_zps817cbe03.gif

Ferris photo tumblr_lzfgegzhX41qe5cn6o1_250_zps0c1852fa.gif

Ferris2 photo tumblr_m466p982Wa1ruli6io1_500_zps5bbbd0ab.gif

Ferris2 photo tumblr_lt6x9cV3wC1r1su15o1_500_zps5e30c91c.gif

Ferris2 photo tumblr_lxaar9t4U41r8yl76o1_500_zpsb732b229.gif

Ferris2 photo tumblr_lji5ufbn0v1qe5d22o1_500_zps159f39ea.gif

Ferris2 photo tumblr_luubneSnE71qkpubao1_500_zps3d249652.gif

Ferris photo tumblr_mm7qevB9iW1qm41k4o1_250_zpsf6b4d72c.gif

Ferris photo tumblr_mm7qevB9iW1qm41k4o5_250_zps93900c06.gif

Ferris photo tumblr_mm7qevB9iW1qm41k4o7_250_zps08fe3f8c.gif

Ferris2 photo tumblr_mh34kndXwZ1qdj9xio1_500_zps032a8082.gif

Those last four crack me up. One of my favourite scenes in a film, ever.

Tracey Ullman - They Don't Know

They just played this on Coronation Street and I'd forgotten how much I like it. This was the first single I bought (along with Billy Joel's Uptown Girl) and I am sure I drove my whole family demented as I played it constantly. I especially like the bells in the introduction and the whole 50s sensibility. It stands up to time, I still really like it.

I've not seen this video for about 30 years but it has Paul McCartney in it! Who knew? Tracey was a huge star and made it big in America. Did you know she is worth an estimated £75m. At least 25p of that was me buying her single. You're welcome Tracey.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cary Grant gifs

Life doesn't get much better than this.

Cary photo 4136935610_bd5a576557_o.gif

Cary photo tumblr_mgpi8ndwoh1r2jkovo1_r4_250_zpsa05d016e.gif

Cary photo tumblr_mgpi8ndwoh1r2jkovo4_r3_250_zps2ec12030.gif

Cary photo tumblr_mlxlqgolZ61qioqu5o1_r1_500_zpse45f846f.gif

Cary Grant photo 4172248241_46bb1a06a8_o.gif

Cary Grant photo tumblr_mgpi8ndwoh1r2jkovo7_r3_250_zps9c650e81.gif

I love that last one especially.
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