Sunday, 2 June 2013

Friends gifs - Rachel Green special

Yeah, the gif obsessions isn't going anywhere soon. Friends was made for the gif, Rachel Karen Green even more so. I present to you my collection of Jennifer Aniston at her finest.

friends photo tumblr_lqm5jvtqs31qfp64b_zpsa283ea2e.gif

Friends photo tumblr_ll8oxy9THB1qauvgjo1_500_zps38150282.gif

Friends photo tumblr_mlkfqm66Vs1qaiopso9_500_zps0f1e2de3.gif

Friends photo Monica-NOOO_zps0305694b.gif

Friends photo tumblr_mm9gtb9EtW1spiuxqo4_250_zps703f1ef0.gif

Friends photo tumblr_m395zpwv7k1qh17feo6_250_zps0f813183.gif

Friends photo tumblr_m8uifxq6bv1r81wtbo1_500_zps8e962845.gif

Friends photo tumblr_mfxnkfdzZ71qcniano1_500_zps606027d5.gif

Friends photo tumblr_ljmg12kkmK1qcnp4x.gif

Friends photo tumblr_m1p37qQTGr1r5g67po1_500_zpsc70b00fc.gif

Friends photo tumblr_md1snvfL9X1rnvwt1_zpse04d958c.gif

Friends photo tumblr_m88t7309AV1qa601io2_250_zps3fb4eca1.gif

Friends photo tumblr_inline_ml2cu9bpLv1qz4rgp_zpsa4994915.gif

And my favourite. This is how I feel much of the time.

Friends photo tumblr_mlkfqm66Vs1qaiopso1_500_zps9a8accaa.gif

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