Friday, 27 April 2012

Prince, Part 1

I have loved Prince for most of my life. I think he is a genius and if I don't know what to listen to, I listen to the Purple Rain album and life always improves as a result.

I've mentioned him on and off on this blog but it's time to do a full retrospective. I can't possibly talk about all his songs so here are some of my favourites. I am going to have to do this in stages as he has so many.

First up, 1999. The introduction to this is one of the best intros in pop. It just makes you want to jump about. One of the things I love about Prince is his funkiness, he's just so cool.

Little Red Corvette. Another great introduction. This is a very sexy song.

I remember his big break through hit was When Doves Cry from Purple Rain (one of the best albums ever made by the way). This isn't available on YouTube. It won't surprise you to learn that Prince isn't wild about his music being on YouTube so his bigger hits are harder to find. I am sure you own this song because why wouldn't you? Yet another wonderful introduction. This is a perfect song.

Let's Go Crazy. Just listening to this makes me feel 14 again. His lyrics are brilliant: 'this life, you're on your own!'

I've covered Purple Rain before

Long before text speak, Prince was there with I Would Die 4 U. I've not listened to this properly for ages, it's perfect of course.

Raspberry Beret. Great video and it's a song about a raspberry beret. Fashiontastic! This is one of my favourite Prince songs, it's very sweet.

My desert island Prince song is probably Kiss. It's so clever, very sparse yet totally danceable. And some of the best lyrics ever written: 'no particular sign I'm more compatible with!' 'Act your age, not your shoe size.' Genius.

Part 2 soon...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ryan Gosling - I am crushing and crushing madly

Ryan Gosling has crept up on me and into my heart to become my crush of 2012. I first noticed him in The Notebook, a film we all love. Then last month I watched Crazy Stupid Love and went from "mmmm, he's nice" to "oh my god, what else has he made, I must watch it immediately!" A full blown crush was born.

If you've not seen Crazy Stupid Love, may I recommend it? It's funny, it's got Emma Stone in it and it's got Ryan in it without a shirt (see above) making reference to Dirty Dancing. I can't think of a more perfect combination. There is a kiss in a bar that is swoonsome because of Ryan. The man is divine. I may have watched it again on a plane this week.

I also watched The Ides of March which is possibly the most boring film I've ever sat through and someone should tell George Clooney he cannot direct. However, Ryan was in it and yet again, yum.

Next on my list is Blue Valentine and I need to get over my squeamish nature and watch Drive because he is brooding in that. Brooding I say.

You are never too old to have a crush. It's Teen Law. Who is your current crush? Tell me all about it.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Cameo - Word Up

I've had something of a bad day; busy, stressful and I upset someone accidentally and have felt guilty about it all day. Apart from wine, one thing always cheers me up on such a day and that is listening to an 80s pop classic.

I am not sure they come any more classic than this. I still love this song, if it came on in a club, I would be the first on the dance floor (assuming I'd be in a club which is highly unlikely in this day and age but you never know). I'd be waving my hands in the air like I just don't care. W.O.R.D UP!

I feel better already.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Rainy days and Mondays - songs about rain

It's a bank holiday Monday so naturally it is raining. I know we need the rain but couldn't it have waited until we were back at work?

I've decided to turn the negative into a positive and bring you some songs that mention rain! I know, I thought it was a great idea too! I've done a search in my iTunes library and guess what jumped out at me first? The great man himself, Bazza with I Made It Through The Rain. Here he is singing it in Vegas. Nobody emotes like Barry.

Next, Barbra with Don't Rain On My Parade. It needs no introduction, here she is looking fab-u-lous.

James Taylor, Fire and Rain. One of my all-time favourite songs.

posted about November Rain last May where I mentioned it had 40 million views on YouTube - it's now at 87 million. I wonder if the extra 47 million came from me mentioning it?!

Songs mentioning rain are very emotional aren't they? Sing it Karen.

and Prince. He breaks my heart.

Let's lighten the mood with Five Star! Wooooooo. One of the happiest songs. Sing along and gasp at the costumes.

No list is complete without some Burt.

There is only one way to close this list. With the sublimely optimistic Gene Kelly.

I hope this has cheered up your rainy Monday a bit. If Kermit and Gene can make the most of the rain, so can we!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee is one of my favourite movies of the 80s. I've seen it many times, it's one of those films that when it is on the TV, I'll watch it. I love the innocence, the classic fish out of water storyline and the transition from the Australian outback to Manhattan. But most of all, I love Paul Hogan. What a guy! He's so perfect in this, I don't think there was any other actor who could have played Mick Dundee. He looked like he ambled in from playing with kangaroos and knocked out this film in his spare time. He is effortless and really rather yummy in it. Check out the biceps.

The funniest scene is when the punks try to mug them in New York and Mick says "call that a knife", pulls out his massive hunting knife and says "that's a knife!" Makes me laugh every time.

I also love the scene in the bar with the trannie and the amazing party scene purely for the 80s fashion on display and the fact they play one of the best songs of the 80s: Mental as Anything, Live it Up.

It has a lovely romantic ending that can't fail to fill you with the warm and fuzzies. In short, it's a text book romcom. You might like to know that Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski are still together which is rather sweet.

The trailer gives all the good scenes away which is one of my pet hates however I am pretty sure if you've not seen Crocodile Dundee by now, perhaps you never will. Your loss.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Prince - Sometimes It Snows In April

It snowed in Scotland today. And I read that statistically it's more likely to snow at Easter than at Christmas, I quoted this to a colleague who poo poo-ed my informational nugget to which I replied, "even Prince says sometimes it snows in April." They looked at me blankly. Honestly, my wit and popular culture knowledge is wasted on my work colleagues. Well, some of them. Another one sent me a message saying she wanted to spend a large potion of our meeting tomorrow discussing Betty Draper. That's the kind of colleague you want!

Anyway, we digress. Indeed, today proves that sometimes it does snow in April. It's a frequent event in Scotland I'll be bound. Maybe Prince wrote the song somewhere further south. Taken from one of his best albums, Parade, this is lovely ballad (although crucially not a power ballad) but it is terribly sad. It makes me feel pensive. Prince really is a genius, he's due a tribute post soon I think. In the meantime, let's get sad together. Inexplicably this is accompanied by strange fish.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

En Vogue

En Vogue; a group that do not get enough attention these days. They were fabulous although I am not sure about the fashion, only in the 90s could the above outfits be considered stylish. Fashion be damned (and I don't say that often), let's concentrate on the music. I bet you've forgotten many of their treasures. That's what I am here for. Let's do it.

First up, Hold On.

This has a weird start and takes a while to kick in but when it does, it's great. These ladies could really sing.

My Lovin (You're Never Going To Get It)

One of their best, this is groove-tastic. They knocked all sorts of spots off The Spice Girls.

Free Your Mind.

One of the best introductions to a song ever. I still adore this twenty years later. Yes, twenty years. It's a kick-ass song. 

Just when I didn't think they could get any better, they teamed up with Salt n Pepa. Seriously, was there ever a better pairing? Whatta Man.

1:09 is one of my favourite moments in a pop song ever.

Of course En Vogue had other hits too but these are my pick of their pops. I am off to download these songs now.

Happy Sunday!

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