Sunday, 15 January 2017

This Is Us

Let's move on from people dying shall we? Here is a lovely new TV series that I highly recommend. If you liked Parenthood (and if you didn't, why? you weirdo!) then I think you'll like This Is Us. It stars Jess from Gilmore Girls (yay!) and Mandy Moore. Both of whom are excellent. It's about triplets and their lives and it's wonderful. It's brilliantly written and acted, it's delightfully touching and perfect viewing to balm a worried soul.

The world needs TV like this right now and it's perfect for cold January nights. Snuggle down and watch it and shut the door on the Trump world happening for 40 minutes. It will be there waiting for you when you're done.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

RIP Carrie Fisher

I have no words left. I certainly can't add any new words to the zillions the internet has written about Carrie's demise. I promise I am not going to talk about the damn gold bikini.

I am not a Star Wars fanatic. I like the first one (and I mean the first one made, I can't care enough to get into naming conventions) well enough. But anyone with a passing interest in the Star Wars films can see that Princess Leia is what makes it zing. Carrie's performance is punchy and fun and she has proper chemistry with the gorgeous Harrison Ford (and now we know why, eh Carrie?)

The thing about Carrie Fisher is she made everything better. When Harry Met Sally would still have been a great film regardless but Carrie makes it wonderful. When she is on the screen, you don't watch anyone else. She was so funny, she was a feminist, she will be missed deeply by anyone who appreciates honest and hilarious women. My heart is heavy.

Then in news that they couldn't make up, Debbie Reynolds followed her up to showbiz heaven two days later.

At 84, she was going to go sooner rather than later but really? REALLY 2016? I've only seen Debbie in one film but what a film it is. Singin' In The Rain is the blueprint of all Hollywood musicals and never fails to cheer me up. Debbie is a ray of sunshine in it.

Farewell to two dames we'll never see the likes of again. Bye bye 2016, don't let the door hit you on your way out you bastard.

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