Friday, 29 July 2011

Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer

Sometimes I think of something to blog about and then think "No, I must have written about that already" and discover I haven't. I deeply apologise for not covering this masterpiece previously but what could be better for a Friday than a bit of Jovi? Woooooooo, we're half way there, woooohoooooo, we're livin' on a prayer!

Bon Jovi later went down an annoying bad power ballad path but I will always have a soft spot for them simply for this. It's magnificent and I had forgotten how 80s the video was - the flowing locks of hair, the  messing about on wires, the tassels on the leather jackets!

This is one of the great sing-along songs and so let's do just that.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Thelma & Louise

It's twenty years since this film came out. A film so magnificent that it deserves its own special category of fabulousness. Yes, I rather like this. What's not to love about a film with two wonderful actresses at the top of their game kicking ass in spectacular scenery?

I've seen it so many times, I've written essays about it at university, I've listened to Ridley Scott's commentary on the DVD, I've listened to the soundtrack over and over. I therefore feel well qualified to tell you why it's great.

It's great because it's a film about female empowerment. The journey Thelma makes from downtrodden housewife to store-robbing, gun-shooting (never injuring anyone), orgasm-having Independent Woman is a joy to behold. I have so many favourite scenes but one of my top ones is when she locks the obnoxious cop in the trunk and says "you have a wife? Well, be sweet to her, my husband wasn't sweet to me and look what happened!"

Other scenes I love:
  • Pretty much every scene with Brad Pitt. Truly Brad was never better and when she drives by him and pants like a dog to Louise, it makes me giggle every time.
  • "I think it's the goddamned Grand Canyon!"
  • Finally getting their revenge on the sexist truck driver.
  • Thelma floating in to breakfast after her evening with JD.
  • Thelma robbing the store and her husband watching the security camera in amazement.
  • The whole subtext of Texas and what happened to Louise there. We don't need to be told, we just know.
  • The way they blend into the desert scenery as the movie progresses.
  • My all-time favourite line from Thelma: "You get what you settle for."
I don't know why Geena Davis isn't in more films, she is fantastic. And she wouldn't have a body double for the love scene with Brad - can you blame her?

Here's one of my fave scenes. Enjoy.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


My Eagles post reminded me of Desperado with Antonio Banderas, a film that I was obsessed with in the 90s because of Antonio. I must have seen this film at least a dozen times and I never tire of it. It's a stupid film but it's looks beautiful - all those terracotta shades of Mexico and it has Antonio in it and I really don't think he's ever been better.

It's very violent but in a cartoon-like way. It has a huge amount of shooting which gets a bit tedious but it also has a wonderful opening, I adore this song.

The whole soundtrack is fantastic. Salma Hayek has never been hotter but really this film is all about Antonio. Ahhhh, Antonio. If only he hadn't insisted on marrying Melanie who I am convinced has ruined his career.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Eagles

I actually can't think of a less 'teenage' band than The Eagles but I don't care. Sometimes a girl needs some American classic rock love. The Eagles are one of my favourite bands and it always surprises people how much I love them. I can see why since I am quite vocal in my love for Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, Take That and 80s pop. The Eagles seem like a strange band to throw in the mix but if you like well-crafted songs (and I do) then The Eagles are your band.

My thoughts turned to them tonight as I am off to Palm Springs in November (for work) and a colleague  suggested we do Vegas the weekend before. I don't need any encouragement to go to Vegas but then I found out The Eagles were playing the very same weekend. Is it fate?! I think it might be.

10 reasons I love The Eagles:

1. Take It Easy. The American road trip song.
2. Winslow, Arizona. Yes, we drove two hours out of our way so we could stand on a corner there. It's so cool, look:

3. Tribute band, The Alter Eagles. A friend plays in this band - they are actually really good and if you aren't lucky enough to be going to Vegas to see them, I can recommend.

4. Desperado - after Take It Easy, my favourite Eagles song.

5. One Of These Nights - one of the best intros to a song. Like ever.

6. Their epic falling out and fighting. I love a band that fights and bickers like small children. It's so rock and roll.

7. Don Henley - he gave us Boys of Summer and In A New York Minute.

8. Glenn Frey. He did the theme song for Thelma and Louise.

9. Tequila Sunrise - a great song and a great cocktail.

10. The sleeve notes to The Eagles Greatest Hits (bought on a corner in Winslow, Arizona), written by Glenn and Don. Totally brilliant and educational.

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses... it makes me want to go and ride fences in the wild west. Even though I can't ride and there are no shops there.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Robbie Williams

The time has come to discuss Robbie Williams. Last week I went to see Progress live which I was very much looking forward to. In fact, I told you all about my love for Take That back in February. We managed our expectation well for Progress knowing that nothing could surpass the epic Circus tour of 2009. It was a good thing we did as although technically Progress was amazing and the boys sounded fine, danced a dream and my plans to be Mrs Orange one day were not dampened, it simply didn't have much of a heart.

I have pondered quite a bit on why this might be. Much of it was down to the drunken, obnoxious crowd (look, I love Back for Good as much as the next girl but a 17 year old couple singing it to each other next to me while stroking hair takes it too far). The general smell of vomit round us didn't help matters either. However, it was more than that and I have to conclude the problem was Robbie.

Back in the 90s Robbie was without a doubt the other talented one in Take That. And he had all the charisma poor Gary was lacking. He was funny, sparky, naughty and cute. We liked him. Then he discovered the Gallaghers, dyed his hair blonde (truly a disaster) and the band kicked him out. We all suffered the bows and arrows of 10 years that some good therapy and a nice cup of tea could have sorted out in a week or two. Robbie did Angels and Mark Owen ended up on Celebrity Big Brother.

I was as happy as the next fan when they made amends and welcomed Robbie back to the fold. I enjoyed The Flood. I almost wept with joy when Robbie sang his not invincible line on Never Forget and all seemed well. However, the tour was really a show of three parts and each one felt a bit rushed. They opened with Rule the World. I don't know who did the playlist but that is not an opening song. By contrast, Robbie opened with Let Me Entertain You while jumping onto the stage from 200 feet. I felt resentful. How dare he steal their thunder?! It was a great opener but I didn't pay to see the Robbie Williams show, I paid to see Take That. The four of them without him rushed through their songs to get to him. Then they left. Robbie swore, played with his arse and glared into the camera rather disturbingly. Then they came on as a fivesome and it should have settled down but somehow, it didn't. There was some magic - Back For Good was lovely and Never Forget was spine-tingly. But all in all, it just seemed weird and I think it's because Robbie has been away for too long, he doesn't gel with the others anymore. He was always quite a selfish performer and I don't think he really knows how to share the stage with them. My final gripe is he didn't actually sing Angels, he made us sing it. That really annoyed me - I don't want to hear 80,000 drunken fans sing Angels, I want to hear Robbie Williams sing it.

My advice to Robbie is get back into therapy and allow us to see you without all the posturing. Because when we saw glimpses of that, it was touching. He has a wonderful live voice, Feel was really excellent. Oh, and make amends with Guy Chambers next mate. And stay off the lobster eh? Food poisoning is no fun.

My advice to the other four is stop worshipping Robbie. Especially you Mark. You don't need him and it's been interesting but we'd like to see the four of you again. And I never thought I'd say that. You know what would have been nice? If you'd all sung all the songs together - the five of you. I'd have liked to have heard Robbie on Rule The World and the others on Angels.

Really, I don't understand why I am not a band manager. Let's listen to Greatest Day anyway.

Monday, 18 July 2011

I Know HIm So Well - Elaine Paige & Barbara Dickson

Where to start? The hair? The dramatic delivery? The sheer genius of it all? This is a magnificent song from our favourite Abba boys sung by back-combed, hair sprayed divas. Elaine's hair defies belief.

Needless to say I adore it. It's almost more than a power ballad but I am defining it as such. Whatever happened to Barbara Dickson? I loved her voice. Wasn't it good? Wasn't he fine? Isn't it madness he can't be mine!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Live Aid, part 2

I felt I couldn't blog about Live Aid and not mention U2's performance. I am of the opinion that Bono is a complete arse however there was a time when I didn't mind that about him and he managed to rein it in a bit. U2's performance at Live Aid was legendary and all because of this one song, Bad. I love Bad, it's a beautiful song. I watched this again having not seen it since 1985 and my one thought is "Bono, what a mullet!" The man knows how to work a crowd though.


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Live Aid

This post is a day early but I am out tomorrow night. Live Aid happened on 13 July 1985. 26 years ago. Oh lord, as if I wasn't feeling old enough. If you are a young whippersnapper, it's hard to explain how significant Live Aid was and how exciting it was. A whole day of concert! We were glued to the television waiting for the people we liked to come on and do their thing.

Reams has been written about the day so I won't repeat that but I will say it didn't work, did it? So depressing. We were so hopeful that we really could change the world through Midge Ure and Bob Geldof. In retrospect, it was a pipe dream.

One band ruled Live Aid and it was of course, Queen. I just watched this again having not seen it for years. There has been no greater showman than Freddie Mercury before or since. Look at him work that crowd and give it his all. It's a masterclass, the man is a legend. We'll be having a Queen post soon I think.

Anyway, RIP Freddie. Bob, you did good.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is the textbook example of someone who has aged so well. He was simply not fanciable when he was younger. When him and Julia Roberts were together, I remember thinking "huh?" Pasty face, pudgy nose and that white blonde hair? No thanks. I think I was tainted by his role in Stand By Me.

Fast forward 15-20 years and hello Jack Bauer. Hello indeed. Kiefer has a beautiful voice. I don't know how I never noticed this before but you'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not notice it in 24. Jack Baeur is the man we all want really. He can kill an enemy with his hands tied behind his back, he is ever resourceful in a crisis and drives round LA chatting to Chloe and saving the world. He's divine and who would have though Kiefer could play him so credibly?

I love Kiefer because he's a party boy but not in a Charlie Sheen sad bastard way. Just in a "I can't believe my luck" way. I bet he'd be fun to have a few beers with.

"My name is Jack Baeur and today is going to be the longest day of my life"


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

10 Things I Hate About You

Back to being a proper teenager with this film. Loosely based on The Taming of the Shrew when it was the Hollywood thing to make films based on Shakespeare plays, 10 Things is a class act of a teen movie thanks to a great script and the Julia Stiles/Heath Ledger chemistry.

It has one of my all-time favourite lines from a movie ever: "what is it with this chick? She have beer-flavoured nipples?" The first time I watched that, I nearly choked. It's inspired.

This is a perfect teen movie that is enjoyable at any age. It also has the wonderful Allison Janney in it who just makes any film better.

Here is one of my favourite bits, it makes me miss Heath a bit.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sister Sledge

One of my favourite bands, Sister Sledge. Produced by the wondrous Nile Rodgers and architects of some of the greatest disco songs ever produced. I can't even talk about the horror that is Frankie. Let's focus on their high points.

There are four definitive Sister Sledge songs:

We Are Family - much played and always a pleasure to listen to but not my favourite.
Lost in Music - caught in a trap, no turning back! This isn't played enough, I am very fond of it and always have to dance when it comes on.
He's The Greatest Dancer - some of the greatest lyrics ever written. I love every line but nothing beats: "Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci, he looks like a still, that man is dressed to kill!"

And my absolute favourite, Thinking of You. I have such fond memories of dancing to this in my uni days with my besties. How we loved it. It's such a happy song. I adore the introduction. Niles really was a genius.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Top ten annoying male TV characters

It's been over two months since I did my list of annoying female characters. Now it's time for the men. I am not going to lie, it was harder compiling this list and I put this down to scriptwriters making women more annoying rather than me being unsisterly. Let's get to it.

10. First up is a strange choice, Robin Colcord from Cheers. Never let it be said that I don't have a memory like an elephant when it comes to television. Robin was the stuffy English guy Rebecca chased after inexplicably. I have no idea whether this actor is English but he pops up in The West Wing years later playing the most annoying character ever. I hate it when American television portrays the English as eccentric lunatics and get their facts wrong. I dislike this actor anyway and the character was ill-advised. Some of us spent several years getting over the departure of Diane and characters like this did not help us.

9. This is a bit controversial. Danny from The Kids From Fame. I don't know, what was the point of Danny? He was the comedian who wasn't very funny. He couldn't sing very well. I just used to find every scene he was in to be rather tedious. Sorry Carlo but there it is.

8. Talking of controversial, we come to Dr Peter Benton. The surly, moody surgeon in ER. Now, I actually quite liked what they did with his character a lot of the time and I applaud that they had a miserable bastard portraying a surgeon as I am sure surgeons are moody and not particularly nice. However, Benton was relentlessly horrible to everyone around him. When he left, I didn't miss him.

7. Bill from True Blood. Not cute, not sexy, bad hair, annoying accent. Sookie, you could be with Eric. Have a word.

6. Just looking at Dan from Gossip Girl is making my blood pressure rise. The whole Humphrey family could fall into the river Hudson and I'd be cheering but I especially loathe Dan. He thinks he knows best, he's supercilious, he's smug and he's tedious. Be gone Danny Boy.

5. Oh good heavens above. Billy in Melrose Place was meant to be a heartthrob but did anyone get past the hair? The fact that Andrew Shue couldn't act at all or the fact that his character was an ocean of wetness? Message me if you did. I am genuinely interested.

4. Steven Carrington in Dynasty famously had his face melted in a oil rig explosion which meant a new actor. They cast him well, the new guy looked plastic. The old Steven was quite hot. Along with a new head, they gave him a new personality, just like they did when they brought in Emma Samms to play Fallon. The new Steven was painful and suddenly no longer gay either. So offensive. Just urgh.

 3. Jess/Logan in Gilmore Girls. Now this is cheating a bit I know but I couldn't choose between them and I wasn't having two characters from my beloved Gilmore Girls in the list. So they are together. Both Rory's boyfriends, both supremely irritating in their own special way. First, Jess. Jess with his leather jacket to denote he was a bad boy. Jess who sulked and was actually horrible to Rory when she didn't really deserve it. Jess who needed a slap. Best bit - when Luke pushed him in the lake. As for Logan, he made Jess look almost good. No wonder Rory was so annoying with such lame boyfriends. They should have kept Dean. I liked Dean.

2. Aidan from Sex and the City. I have nothing against John Corbett at all, he's a good actor and I've enjoyed him in other things. This is absolutely all about the character of Aidan. I know there are women who swoon about Aidan. I always disliked him. Aidan was wimpy, pathetic and he made furniture. Give me Mr Big any day of the week. Aidan and Carrie were simply never convincing as a couple. When they got back together and he was really mean to her - pfffft. She should have just dumped him there and then.

1. This is so inevitable. I didn't have to even think about who had the number one spot. Brandon Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210. He was horrible. He was in every season and he just got worse and worse. He reached his pinnacle of obnoxiousness when he was dating Kelly. And his hair? No. No no no. They should have killed him off. Hated. Him.

Phew. As always, after a rant I am feeling better and ready for my supper. Who have I missed out? Tell me in the comments.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Grace Jones

Grace Jones is the original diva. Cooler than anyone can dream of being, mad as a box of frogs and simply wonderful. She's 63 - can you believe it? I love the cover of the album, Island Life (above). Just look at her. I want to be her!

Every time I read an interview with her, I love her a little bit more. It's easy to forget her music but that, my friends, would be a mistake. Pull Up To The Bumper is joyous and Slave To The Rhythm (one of the greatest introductions to a song ever recorded) is a desert island song for me.

Let's all embrace our inner-fierceness today on this sunny Saturday and channel Grace. I am going to be Grace for the day. Not sure what this involves yet other than wearing very bright make-up and growling rather than speaking. I don't know how I've never seen this video before, it's amazing.

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