Friday, 14 January 2011


Dynasty vs Dallas. I loved both but for different reasons. I shall save Dallas for a future date. Dynasty was the glam, old school soap whereas Dallas was down on the farm. The first season was really slow and the producers obviously realised this because they brought in the Best Soap Character Ever In The World, Alexis. Alexis, as played sublimely by Joan Collins, was fantastic. I am fortunate enough to have Season 2 on DVD and watched it recently. What struck me was how timeless Alexis's outfits are. I know we are in an 80s revival but one does not think the same about Krystal's clothes. In fact, one wonders how Linda Evans could bear to wear them. All those long ivory dressing gowns with massive shoulder pads - urgh!

But Alexis was cool. And she was another female character who did things on her own terms. Yes she was a bitch but honestly, wimpy Krystal deserved it. She was so wet and hopeless. Alexis strode around running ColbyCo and giving Blake what for. My abiding memory of Dynasty is Alexis having a massage in her office and somebody striding in to have an argument. They must have done that scene dozens of times. 

My other favourite Dynasty character was Fallon. And I mean the original Pamela Sue-Martin Fallon as Emma Samms was so wrong. Pamela as Fallon was feisty and funny. In fact the original casting was excellent. The incomparable John Forsythe, fresh off Charlie's Angels as Blake Carrington, a truly horrible person by the way, you wonder why any woman would stay with him. John James as Jeff Colby; was there ever a more 80s looking male?

And I was always rather fond of the original Steven before they replaced him with the rubbish one.

Dynasty got really silly and there was no excuse for the spin off The Colbys. But that second season is still a treat. And it is the show that gave us the wonderfully named Dex Dexter.

But this was Joan's show. And how she rocked it. Here's to you Joanie.


  1. Ahhh 80's American soaps *sighs wistfully*
    Dallas, Flamingo Road, Knots Landing, Falcon Crest ..... I loved them all but my favourite was Dynasty. In fact I bought a couple of Dynasty 'novels' I sooooo loved it!

  2. I saw Joan in panto on Wenesday *blush*. My goodness you should see her legs.

  3. Don't blush at that! I'm pea green with envy!


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