Monday, 24 January 2011

Opening credits - Miami Vice

The first in a series in which I nominate best opening credits of a tv series. First up, Miami Vice.

Watch it here to remind yourself of its genius.

Ah yes, the flamingos, Miami Beach, fast moving shot over water, women in skimpy bikinis, parrots! I think you'd be hard pushed to find credits that so perfectly reflected the gist of the show than Miami Vice. It depicts Miami beautifully; much of the reason for me wanting to visit Miami was based on these credits (I was a bit disappointed to be honest). Helped along by a wonderful Jan Hammer theme. It's superbly and perfectly 80s.

I was never a huge fan of Miami Vice but the credits deserved an award of their own. I give them a 8/10. They lose two points for me bu not showing the stars of the show. Why would you miss an opportunity to show Don Johnson in all his sleazy goodness?

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