Saturday, 29 January 2011

St Elmo's Fire

St Elmo's Fire is much more than just one of my favourite films of the 80s, it's one of my favourite films of all time. It would make it in my Top 10. People always think I am joking when I say this but I am completely serious. There is nothing I don't love about St Elmo's Fire.

10 reasons I adore it:
1) The cast. Brat Pack at its finest. Everyone in this is perfect, even Andrew McCarthy who I never had the love for.
2) The just-graduated group of close friends. I used to imagine that is exactly how me and my friends would be. We were, without the lines of coke and bizarre clothes.
3) Andie MacDowall. Now, I can't stand Andie, I think she is a terrible actress and she is wooden as always in this but I don't mind. That's how good this film is.
4) The soundtrack. John Parr never did better.
5) The character of Billy. Oh Rob Lowe, were you ever prettier? I adore him in this: "It ain't a party until something gets broken."
6) "You can have all the Carly Simons"
7) The setting of Georgetown. It's so beautiful. Who wouldn't want to live in DC?
8) Jules and her stepmonster. I think Demi is perfect in this and her clothes and fabulous pink apartment epitomises the 80s.
9) Joel Schumacher - if you've not listened to the director's commentary on the DVD, you are really missing out.
10) How they mange to shoehorn St Elmo's Fire in - not only is it the bar they frequent, it allows Billy to be all wise to Jules when she is having her mini breakdown in a pretty white nightie.

I could give you twenty more: Emilio! Ally Sheedy's lace collars and prim hair! Billy playing the sax in a yellow t-shirt! The love theme! So many quotes! I might have to watch it again now.

I leave you with my favourite quote (although you have to imagine it being said as it makes no sense written down) and the mighty trailer.

"Grandma, grandma, Billy's on the roof!"


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