Monday, 3 January 2011


Moonlighting is the show that gave us Bruce Willis. You may or may not be grateful for this. I wasn't at the time but have grown to appreciate Brucie, a combination of him marrying Demi Moore, doing Pulp Fiction and losing his hair.

Moonlighting was really not a good show. It was stupid. It does not bear repeated viewings (trust me on this) yet millions watched it weekly. Back in the 80s, there wasn't much to do. We only got Channel 4 in 1982. Four channels. no Sky. No internet. No DVDs. Most of us didn't even have VHS. Sunday and everything was closed. What did we do? We watched TV of course. We watched shows that would simply never get made today.

I remember Moonlighting being much hyped. I'd never heard of Cybil Shepherd and always thought she had a very odd face. Sort of square and strange. And nobody had heard of Bruce Willis. Imagine that?

Anyway, it was watched. And it was pretty bad but what made it good was the chemistry between Cybil and Bruce. It's well known they actually hated each other but it didn't matter at all. Of course the worse thing the show ever did was actually get them together. It was pretty much unwatchable after that. But here is the scene we waited for:

I had the Moonlighting soundtrack. Songs sung by Cybil or Bruce. Wow, I guess I really was a fan. It also is not worth revisiting. Some things are best left in the 80s.

Moonlighting also gave us Mark Harmon. Oh Mark Harmon. A life-long passion began. Or maybe it began before Moonlighting. I don't know if he was in St Elsewhere before or after this. But I do know if he is in something now, I'll watch it. Yes, it's another TV crush!


  1. St Elswhere was first and I've never wuite forgiven the show for turning Dr Caldwell into a nasty character. Do you watch NCIS? You should do for a weekly Mark Harmon fix.

  2. Lordy me! How could I have forgotten? It was Flamingo Road and the improbably monikered Fielding Carlye - that's where the Mark crush started!

  3. I even bought Freaky Friday (the remake) because it had lovely Mark in it. He just gets more delicious with age.


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