Friday, 7 January 2011

Hall And Oates

Now, if you were to spend any significant amount of time with me, eventually you would hear me telling you that Hall & Oates are just about the most under-rated acts of the 80s. Since I may not get to meet you all (I know, I am devastated about it too), then I shall have to explain here.

Back in the 80s I always loved Hall & Oates and although there were clearly lots of us who liked them, after all they sold a lot of records, I never feel they inspire retrospective love in the way say Spandau Ballet (a terrible band) or even Haircut 100 do.

I don't understand it. They made some great pop songs. Out of Touch,  She's Gone, Kiss on my List (always thought that was lips not list), I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) and the all-time classic Maneater. I mean, seriously, what's not to love? Perfect pop. And listen to those songs now and they still sound great.

My theory is that the little dark one (Oates I believe) was just not pop material. I mean, he really was very odd looking. And short. But Hall was blonde and blue eyed and not that hard on the eye.

When I got married last year I asked my guests to pick a song they would like played at the disco (and it really was a proper disco with dry ice and everything) and one of them picked this all-time wondrous classic.

My heart sang when I saw her request and although she wasn't someone I knew very well (MrTeen's friend), I just knew she and I would get on famously. And so it came to pass.

Hall & Oates - bringing people together 30 years later. We thank you.

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