Sunday, 2 January 2011

Welcome to The Perennial Teenager

I set up this blog simply to have some fun. Because I am The Perennial Teenager.

My checklist for a case of arrested development:

  • Avidly watch all teen TV series, especially if they are American, even when you know they are not aimed at you. Examples: Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls (although this transcends the teenage demographic), Friday Night Lights (so does this).
  • An ability to quote all John Hughes films 20 years after his hey day. Worryingly, it's nearly 30 years...
  • Consider any film that features dancing as an inspirational storyline to be a must-see and not ironically. Examples: Flashdance, Fame, Coyote Ugly, Save The Last Dance For Me, Burlesque...
  • Still listen to 80s pop music regularly and not just when you are drunk or at an 80s party.
  • Despair that teenagers today have 80s parties and don't really understand it properly. They think it's all just dressing in neon. *sigh*
  • Show an unhealthy interest in boy bands formed today and then tut and say Wham! were the original, the best and George Michael actually wrote the songs you know.
  • Know that if Smash Hits was still being published, you'd buy it.
  • Spend far too much time trying to convince 8-13 year old girls that they need to watch Grease/Top Gun/Dirty Dancing and insist on watching it with them and helpfully answering questions they haven't even asked.

I could go on. But I won't for now. But if you were a teenager in the 80s, join me in sighing nostalgically over the decade that gave us such joy and innocence.

I still can't quite believe George Michael is gay...


  1. While not a teenager in the 80s, I still feel an affinity with the decade as I was born in 1980 x

  2. Not a teenager either during that time...but John Hughes is a film god!

  3. Oh all are welcome to join me of course. Thank you both for commenting. xx

  4. Oh. My. God. You need to get out more!

  5. I think the other thing that shows that you are a perennial (80's) teenager is the willingness to watch ANYTHING that stars your heros from your teen years.
    For example: I will always give any show or movie that stars (or even features in a bit role) the following actors more attention than they possibly deserve!
    Matthew Broderick
    Rob Lowe
    Matthew J Fox
    Erica Gimbel - I soooooooo wanted to be Coco
    Tom Selleck

  6. I am assuming you are very tired. Who is Matthew J Fox?!

  7. Why, he's Michael's lesser known brother!


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