Tuesday, 28 June 2016


I've never been to Glastonbury and have no desire to spend four days in mud. I watch it and I think, "don't you people realise that it's all on TV and accessible from your clean, dry, warm sofa without all those other people around you?"

This year was different. For a start the country is in despair post Brexit and it rained and rained. We all needed cheering up and there, in a field in Somerset, the stars did their best to cheer us up. I found myself glued to Glasto this year. Normally I watch the Legends act and that's that. This year I tuned into Adele and wow. I've never really got Adele before. The songs are a bit samey and I'd rather listen to Streisand. To be honest, I'd always rather listen to Streisand.

But can the lady sing or what? I found myself spellbound as she belted out her songs note perfect and with such power. She's properly talented. Why did none of you inform me of this? I know I've been quiet on here of late but you know, there are ways to let me know.

Also, she's funny. Sweary, proper funny. The bit when she said someone in the crowd looked like Brian Harvey had me laughing for about five minutes. To connect with the crowd when there's just you is no mean feat and she pulled it off and looked really emotional. Hell, I was really emotional. I finally understood why people go to Glasto because singing along with 100,000 other people is an experience like no other.

Hello Adele. I am now listening to you with an entirely new perspective.

Upcoming post-Glasto posts include the wonders of ELO and how have I not covered them yet. Plus Coldplay: maybe not as terrible as I've thought for the past 16 years? Maybe. Glastonbury changed me and I didn't even have to eat a lentil burger and stand in wellies.

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