Sunday, 26 May 2013

Molly Ringwald gifs

One of the ways I waste my time is by collecting gifs, which I learned this week is pronounced jif. And so I figured it was time to share my favourites with you all. So let's begin with Molly Ringwald because we all need some Molly gifs in our life, no?

 photo tumblr_m7kdkuYezp1qhzi2jo1_500_zpsecdf1637.gif

 photo tumblr_ly52o9LQVu1qdfinco1_500_zps7688936a.gif

 photo tumblr_mjcdo7s0fG1rjhn1to1_500_zps95ee5a1b.gif

 photo tumblr_miuebnE4MT1qa9q04o1_500_zpsc53de241.gif

 photo tumblr_mgnncpk93x1ro507po1_400_zpsf4421d76.gif

 photo tumblr_m1hre9BLB31qee7ixo1_250_zps291d4642.gif

 photo 16candlesmollyshittier_zps6c989668.gif

 photo 1070r9z.gif

I can hardly wait to share my Tyra Banks gifs with you.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Favourite scenes in Friends - Phoebe finds out about Chandler and Monica

This still makes me laugh, when Phoebe says "my eyes! my eyes!", it cracks me up and I love the way Rachel makes out the screaming is because they are so excited about Ross getting the apartment. You can watch it here.

I miss Friends. How I Met Your Mother is no substitute whatsoever.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Michael Douglas

It's with trepidation I write this after the infamous Robin Gibb post however I think it's time to take a look at the career of Michael Douglas. I have always had a deep affection for Michael Douglas, he's been around making film after film all my life and there is something very likeable about him. I was trying to think of a film where I don't like him and I came up with nothing. I think he makes a film better by turning up. Which isn't to say he hasn't made some tripe. Black Rain anyone? And I'm not sure we needed a Wall Street sequel.

He was, of course, in The Streets of San Francisco which I am too young to properly remember but we've discussed the credits before. I've not seen The Coma for years but it properly freaked me out when I saw it as an impressionable youngster. I don't think I've ever seen The China Syndrome which is odd, I must rectify that.

My first real Michael Douglas awakening came with Romancing The Stone. I still love it, he had such chemistry with Kathleen Turner. I had a crush on him, I still have a crush on him when I watch it again. Jewel of the Nile is terrible but I'll still watch it for these two. I also like War of the Roses, it makes me laugh whenever I watch it. The line about wanting to smash his face in is hilarious.

Fatal Attraction. I can't actually believe I've not written about this, it's such a seminal 80s film. I've not seen it for years, I really must spend more time rewatching bad 80s movies. He is good in this, I can't believe how sorry for him you feel.

Let's not forget A Chorus Line! A Bad Movie We Love! Again, he is better than the film as a whole.

Wall Street.  You are not meant to like Gordon Gekko. I think he's great. Greed is good! Only Michael could have played him with such relish. The rest of the film is forgettable, not least because Charlie Sheen is so rubbish.

Basic Instinct! This was massive and why? It's a horrible film and I don't really want to include it but I can't resist showing a picture of Mr Douglas in his v-neck sweater.

On to much better fare with The American President, one of my favourite films which I never tire of. Aaron Sorkin warming up for The West Wing, what's not to love? Everyone in this is great and again, Michael shines as the saintly president.

Basically if he is in a film, I will give it a go. He's an excellent actor who doesn't always get the credit he deserves. And so I close this post with a very cheesy picture and no mention of his wife. At all. No. By the way, I think most of these films are Films I First Saw With My Sister. Ahhh, the 80s, we spent most of them in the local cinema.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

I've gone a little bit country

Generally my knowledge of country music extends to Dolly Parton, some Kenny Rogers, Achy Breaky Heart (I still like it, I don't care what anyone says) and the Garth Brooks song that Ronan Keating covered. However. something weird is happening to me. I am knowingly buying country music and listening to it and enjoying it.

I blame Nashville, I bought the soundtrack and can't stop listening to it. Then I discovered Lady Antebellum. They sing the insanely catchy Need You Now.

And then I watched the Hart of Dixie finale and it had this song by Gloriana.

It has not escaped my attention that the two songs are very similar. And very cheesy but no matter, cheese has never been an issue for me.

These are my favourite songs from Nashville.

I am now planning how I can get to Nashville, wear jeans and cowboy boots and sing in bars.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Scandal is a TV show created by the same person who inflicted Grey's Anatomy on us. To be fair, I've not watched a whole episode of Grey's Anatomy but TeenBoy has an affection for it so I see the odd scene. My overall impression is that it's full of irritating women snivelling. So many tears. Urgh, I don't do tears, I am British.

Scandal is different thank goodness. It's set in Washington, DC and it features Olivia Pope who 'fixes' problems and sleeps with the president. It's a brave show for American television, the lead character is black and there are actual gay sex scenes between men. Truly, we've come a long way.

It's pretty trashy but very watchable, the cast is good and it's that glossy sort of television where everything zips along fast so you have no time to get bored.

Scandal is hugely enjoyable and I recommend it but, and yes there is a but. The romance between Olivia and Fitz. This picture sums up how tedious this is. This could be from any episode.

Whenever they are together you want to throw sharp objects round the room, you want to bury yourself in the sofa and make it stop, you want to shout at them 'for the love of god, this is so ridiculous and unrealistic' and basically you want to kill yourself.

The writers seem to think we're all hooked on this romance. Let me tell you, Ross and Rachel this ain't. It's not even Zoe and Wade. It's not Veronica and Logan. It's not Dr Ross and Carol. It's certainly not Pacey and Joey. There is no chemistry, Kerry Washington does a funny thing with her upper lip when she emotes and the guy is a dead fish with bad hair. My sister summed it up beautifully as she so often does: 'those two making googly eyes at each all the time - arrrgghhhhh!' Yes indeed. Plus, he is the president. How is he meant to have time to call her all the time, prowl around after her and carry on as he does? Jed Bartlett never had time for these shenanigans.

Despite this major flaw, it's still fun and if you can past them having sex all over the place yet nobody seeming to know about it (except his fabulous wife, Mellie) then this show has lots to offer.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Celebrity couples, part 2

After part 1, my sister pointed out some I had missed and since that included Demi Moore, I feel the need to revisit the topic. Also, Rhea and Danny De Vito are back together - HOORAY! There is some justice.

Demi Moore, how could I forget you? First there was Emilio.

Demi has always been ambitious, I think she mistook Emilio for a rising star. She reached her peak by marrying Bruce Willis.

Like Madonna and Sean, I don't think there is a better match and I feel they've been searching for perfection ever since. I love this photo by the way.

I wasn't going to mention the embarrassment that is Demi and Ashton but I found this picture.

How could such a match last when you decide to get married looking like this? It's so trashy and awful. I wonder who she'll date next? I think she might go for a politician.

Speaking of Emilio, I always though he was perfect with Paula Abdul.

Continuing the theme of beautiful couples, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. Oh my. This photo does them no justice as they seem to be heavily in the dreadlock phase.

But trust me, these two were gorgeous and again, I don't think they'll do better.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. I do love Cameron, she always looks like she is having fun. Here is more evidence.

Justin is a dick though. Where once he was quite sweet, now he is just arrogant. Although let's face it, him and Britney were another perfect couple!

Awwwwwww. Never mind Brit.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Eagles - desert island discs

I've discussed my love for The Eagles previously. On our recent holiday to South Africa, I took one album with me: The Best of the Eagles. We listened to it every single day in the car and no, we didn't tire of it. My adoration of The Eagles is never far away however this week TeenBoy and I settled down to watch the new documentary about the band that has just been released.

It's brilliant. Totally brilliant. I think one would enjoy it even if not an Eagles fan although I find such people bizarre. It's over three hours so it's not something you undertake without serious thought but you won't regret it. They were so delightfully rock and roll with their arguing and bratty behaviour.

It got me to wondering what my eight Eagles songs would be on my island and so here we are.

You might think this is easy, let's find out.

1) Take it Easy - no brainer
2) Desperado - no brainer
3) Life in the Fast Lane - what an introduction!
4) Peaceful Easy Feeling - I love a little bit of country
5) Hotel California - could a list be serious without it? It's still a great song.
6) One of These Nights - one of these crazy old nights.
7) Take It To The Limit - one more tiiiiimmmmmeeeeee.
8) OK, I am already at number eight and we haven't got to Tequila Sunrise, Witchy Woman, Already Gone, Heartache Tonight, Lyin' Eyes, New Kid In Town, Best of My Love - aaarrrrgggghhhh! I am going with New Kid In Town as I love it.

Not easy at all. Don Henley is a genius, I am a huge fan of his solo career too. A New York Minute, Boys of Summer, The End of The Innocence... he may have mad hair but I love him.

So, my one I would pick is either Desperado or Take it Easy and it's impossible for me to pick - both are wonderful and the very definition of American rock.

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