Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Eagles - desert island discs

I've discussed my love for The Eagles previously. On our recent holiday to South Africa, I took one album with me: The Best of the Eagles. We listened to it every single day in the car and no, we didn't tire of it. My adoration of The Eagles is never far away however this week TeenBoy and I settled down to watch the new documentary about the band that has just been released.

It's brilliant. Totally brilliant. I think one would enjoy it even if not an Eagles fan although I find such people bizarre. It's over three hours so it's not something you undertake without serious thought but you won't regret it. They were so delightfully rock and roll with their arguing and bratty behaviour.

It got me to wondering what my eight Eagles songs would be on my island and so here we are.

You might think this is easy, let's find out.

1) Take it Easy - no brainer
2) Desperado - no brainer
3) Life in the Fast Lane - what an introduction!
4) Peaceful Easy Feeling - I love a little bit of country
5) Hotel California - could a list be serious without it? It's still a great song.
6) One of These Nights - one of these crazy old nights.
7) Take It To The Limit - one more tiiiiimmmmmeeeeee.
8) OK, I am already at number eight and we haven't got to Tequila Sunrise, Witchy Woman, Already Gone, Heartache Tonight, Lyin' Eyes, New Kid In Town, Best of My Love - aaarrrrgggghhhh! I am going with New Kid In Town as I love it.

Not easy at all. Don Henley is a genius, I am a huge fan of his solo career too. A New York Minute, Boys of Summer, The End of The Innocence... he may have mad hair but I love him.

So, my one I would pick is either Desperado or Take it Easy and it's impossible for me to pick - both are wonderful and the very definition of American rock.

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  1. I would choose the same 8 songs that you have picked except I wouldn't have Peaceful Easy Feeling & Hotel California - I know it's a classic and all but I'm really not that fond of it. In there places I would have The Last Resort (I do love a 7+ minute American rock anthem!)and Lyin' Eyes. Life in the Fast Lane is easily my favourite (by a New York Minute!)


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