Saturday, 11 May 2013


Scandal is a TV show created by the same person who inflicted Grey's Anatomy on us. To be fair, I've not watched a whole episode of Grey's Anatomy but TeenBoy has an affection for it so I see the odd scene. My overall impression is that it's full of irritating women snivelling. So many tears. Urgh, I don't do tears, I am British.

Scandal is different thank goodness. It's set in Washington, DC and it features Olivia Pope who 'fixes' problems and sleeps with the president. It's a brave show for American television, the lead character is black and there are actual gay sex scenes between men. Truly, we've come a long way.

It's pretty trashy but very watchable, the cast is good and it's that glossy sort of television where everything zips along fast so you have no time to get bored.

Scandal is hugely enjoyable and I recommend it but, and yes there is a but. The romance between Olivia and Fitz. This picture sums up how tedious this is. This could be from any episode.

Whenever they are together you want to throw sharp objects round the room, you want to bury yourself in the sofa and make it stop, you want to shout at them 'for the love of god, this is so ridiculous and unrealistic' and basically you want to kill yourself.

The writers seem to think we're all hooked on this romance. Let me tell you, Ross and Rachel this ain't. It's not even Zoe and Wade. It's not Veronica and Logan. It's not Dr Ross and Carol. It's certainly not Pacey and Joey. There is no chemistry, Kerry Washington does a funny thing with her upper lip when she emotes and the guy is a dead fish with bad hair. My sister summed it up beautifully as she so often does: 'those two making googly eyes at each all the time - arrrgghhhhh!' Yes indeed. Plus, he is the president. How is he meant to have time to call her all the time, prowl around after her and carry on as he does? Jed Bartlett never had time for these shenanigans.

Despite this major flaw, it's still fun and if you can past them having sex all over the place yet nobody seeming to know about it (except his fabulous wife, Mellie) then this show has lots to offer.


  1. Greys is great and they're not always crying ..... just nearly always! I think you's like it if you gave it a chance!

  2. But you're right, Scandal is fabulous trashy fun although I am this close *holds finger and thumb a millimetre from each other* to writing to Sondra Rhimes to beg, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, to end the tedious Fitz / Olivia storyline. Give us more Mellie, I say.


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