Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Michael Douglas

It's with trepidation I write this after the infamous Robin Gibb post however I think it's time to take a look at the career of Michael Douglas. I have always had a deep affection for Michael Douglas, he's been around making film after film all my life and there is something very likeable about him. I was trying to think of a film where I don't like him and I came up with nothing. I think he makes a film better by turning up. Which isn't to say he hasn't made some tripe. Black Rain anyone? And I'm not sure we needed a Wall Street sequel.

He was, of course, in The Streets of San Francisco which I am too young to properly remember but we've discussed the credits before. I've not seen The Coma for years but it properly freaked me out when I saw it as an impressionable youngster. I don't think I've ever seen The China Syndrome which is odd, I must rectify that.

My first real Michael Douglas awakening came with Romancing The Stone. I still love it, he had such chemistry with Kathleen Turner. I had a crush on him, I still have a crush on him when I watch it again. Jewel of the Nile is terrible but I'll still watch it for these two. I also like War of the Roses, it makes me laugh whenever I watch it. The line about wanting to smash his face in is hilarious.

Fatal Attraction. I can't actually believe I've not written about this, it's such a seminal 80s film. I've not seen it for years, I really must spend more time rewatching bad 80s movies. He is good in this, I can't believe how sorry for him you feel.

Let's not forget A Chorus Line! A Bad Movie We Love! Again, he is better than the film as a whole.

Wall Street.  You are not meant to like Gordon Gekko. I think he's great. Greed is good! Only Michael could have played him with such relish. The rest of the film is forgettable, not least because Charlie Sheen is so rubbish.

Basic Instinct! This was massive and why? It's a horrible film and I don't really want to include it but I can't resist showing a picture of Mr Douglas in his v-neck sweater.

On to much better fare with The American President, one of my favourite films which I never tire of. Aaron Sorkin warming up for The West Wing, what's not to love? Everyone in this is great and again, Michael shines as the saintly president.

Basically if he is in a film, I will give it a go. He's an excellent actor who doesn't always get the credit he deserves. And so I close this post with a very cheesy picture and no mention of his wife. At all. No. By the way, I think most of these films are Films I First Saw With My Sister. Ahhh, the 80s, we spent most of them in the local cinema.

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