Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Duran Duran

I think Duran Duran were perhaps the most eighties of all the eighties pop groups. Look at John Taylor's highlights up there. At the time, I was never much of a fan because being a pop fan in the 1980s was very tribal and I was in the Wham! tribe. However, they clearly were a great pop band although Simon Le Bon cannot sing for toffee. 

There was a great documentary about the magazine Smash Hits a few years ago (round about the time it closed - a tragedy of our time) and I remember one of the editors commenting that teenage girls used to write in and sign their letters (what we wrote before we had email kids) xxx Le Bon. He then followed it up by saying that there wasn't much to do and he had this wonderful vision of all teenagers in their bedrooms signing their names xxx Le Bon. I am glad to say I never did this but I admire the sentiment!

Everyone I knew fancied John Taylor. I never understood this as I thought Roger Taylor was the cutest one (on the left if you are unfamiliar). A band with three Taylors in it and none of them related? Freaky.

I follow Simon on Twitter and he's a bit of an idiot to be honest. He lives down the road from me. It's typical isn't it? You end up living down the road from the people you were never obsessed with. If it was George Michael, I'd have a restraining order by now. I once saw Yasmin and can report she is annoyingly gorgeous. 

Best Duran Duran lyric: "You're about as easy as a nuclear war." Marvellous. 

My favourite Duran Duran song is Rio and this is because I adore the opening. It's also a video that defines the eighties. Pure pop heaven. Here it is:

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