Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sex and the City

Sex and the City. Just typing it feels controversial after the disastrous second movie. But let's rehabilitate SATC. The movies may not have been up to much but the TV series was great. I know people say they hated it but if you were in your 20s when it came on TV, it really was ground-breaking.  Why does it belong on this blog? Because any teenage girl would love this show.

A TV series about girlfriends. Yes, they had sex, shopped and they drank cocktails but this was primarily a TV show that celebrated female friendship. How fabulous is that? At the time, way back in 1998, it was also very rare. It was very funny, especially the early series. And it made New York almost like a fifth character and any show set in Manhattan is worth my time. I make no apology for loving it. I watched every episode but I was pleased when it ended as it was definitely time.

This scene is one of my favourite from the entire show. Not only does it reference The Way We Were (a film I adore because of Barbra Streisand who is my heroine) but the way they talk about the film is so real to me. It's how me and my friends talk about things we love too. And I find the look on Samantha's face when they start singing hilarious. I couldn't stand Carrie (nothing to do with SJP, more the fact that she was so whiny and annoying) but I love her in this scene. Enjoy!


  1. I haven't seen the films. I liked where the TV series left them, so I am pretending the films never happened. (And the reviews of the second film tell me this is wise). There's lots of sneering at SATC, but I love it. (I agree about Carrie, though.)

  2. The first film is worth a watch but the second one is dire. DIRE!


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