Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Power Ballads - Alone, Heart

Just look at the Wilson sisters and tell me you didn't love Heart. No, I don't believe you. They rawked baby! Alone with Bonnie Tyler, they are the queens of the power ballad. It's hard to pick the ultimate Heart song and I dithered with These Dreams but in the end, it's all about Alone.

This video is genius.

Big hair - check
Exploding pianos - check
Air guitar moments - check
Long sweeping clothes - check

One day I will have a Heart Tribute party as surely they deserve it? In the meantime, enjoy Alone. One of the best sing-along songs ever written.


  1. How I loved my Heart cassette, I think it was just called Heart - it had These Dreams, What Abourt Love and Never on it. It was given to be by Papa Disco and I remember saying to him a little while later that it was one of the best presents I'd ever got! I was obviously easy to please!


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