Saturday, 12 February 2011

Die Hard

Some films need no introduction, Die Hard is one of them. The film that transformed Bruce Willis into an action hero, made us love Alan Rickman as the baddie and simply rocked harder than any other action film ever made.

I love Die Hard. I mean, really, truly love it. I judge people on whether or not they like Die Hard. I find people who don't, or worse are lukewarm about it, just baffling. What can you find in this film not to love? It's beautifully set up, there isn't a spare scene in it, Brucie is fantastic and it closes to one of the best Christmas songs ever. It is my definitive Christmas movie and this year I watched it on Christmas Day and it didn't disappoint. Let's face it, it never disappoints. I spent a very enjoyable half an hour discussing the wonder of Die Hard with some friends over dinner. Don't you just love having friends who consider this a useful way to spend time?

It has some fabulous lines, most of them are Bruce's of course:

"Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister's."
"Let's see you take this under advisement, jerkweed!"
"Welcome to the party, pal"
"All things being equal, I'd rather be in Philadelphia"
"Who's driving this car? Stevie Wonder?"
"Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho" (this is my favourite - written on the dead body)
"Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs"

Just typing them out is making me giggle. This was an action movie with a sense of humour. Low cost on costume design I would imagine since Bruce wears the iconic vest and pants throughout the whole movie although I guess all the designer suits the others are in might have pushed up the budget.

It was made in 1988 and I think it's as fresh now as it was then. It could be released today and, except for Holly's hair, you'd think it was made a month ago. That and the fact that nobody has a mobile phone to call the police.

My only weak spot in the film is Karl coming back from being well and truly hanged. I know it gives our lovable cop the chance to blow him away and prove he is a real man and so on but it is ridiculous.

Final thing I love about it; it has Paul Gleason in it, the teacher from The Breakfast Club. Icing. On. The. Cake.

Here is the trailer which you'd be pretty annoyed seeing if you hadn't seen the film since it gives pretty much everything away. But I know all my readers have immaculate taste and have seen this gem. Enjoy!


  1. Did you when Die Hard was realeased in the US that Bruce was not at all popular with the public (why?!)so the studio decided to have his face half obscured on the original billboards advertising the film?

  2. Well, you remember I used to hate him? With age comes wisdom.

  3. You did not! Really? I have no recollection of that at all!

  4. Oh yes. I really did but Die Hard helped me see the light and I was completely rehabilitated by the time Pulp Fiction came out.


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