Monday, 28 February 2011

Pretty Woman

If I were to list actors I can't stand Richard Gere would come close to the top of the list. I can't abide him. Yet he made An Officer and a Gentleman (totally top film) and Pretty Woman. If I were to continue to actresses who irritate me then Julia Roberts is also very near the top of the list (Nicole Kidman is worse). However, Pretty Woman is an irresistible film. It's morally well dodgy, it's cheesy and ridiculous but it's oh so watchable. If it's on TV, I can never resist watching it for a bit, if not the whole film.

If we were to only judge Julia Roberts on this, then she'd be one of my favourite actresses as she is amazingly good in this. Natural, warm and genuinely gorgeous. I don't know where it all went so wrong for her really. This is a dream breakthrough role for any actress. I realise others don't think it went wrong for her but I submit for the evidence files: Mary Shelly, Sleeping with the Enemy, Hook (to be fair, nobody comes out well in Hook), Stepmom (I've actually never seen this but the premise makes me want to hurl) and I Love Trouble.

Richard Gere is still a nightmare. Urgh. For starters, he's NOT attractive. He mumbles through scenes. He lacks any charisma. I hate him in this more than any other film. And yes, I include Runaway Bride.

This is Julia's film and she nails it. It has some wonderful quotes, a fabulous soundtrack and all-round marvellous 80s-ness. Best scene, hands down, is this. Enjoy!


  1. I agree that she has made some bad choices (adding Dying Young to your list) and almost ruined some highly enjoyable films (Oceans 11, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) but I will always have a soft spot for her because of My Best friend's Wedding (which I HAVE to watch whenever it's on tv) and her guest spot in Friends .... Susie Underpants!

  2. Susie Moss Underpants! Yes, she was great in Friends.


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