Friday, 11 February 2011

Drew Barrymore

There are some people that no matter what films they make, you will watch them. Drew Barrymore is such an actress for me. She is my definition of a proper movie star because I think any film she is in is better because of her.

Drew has made rom coms a speciality which is all very well but I do think she is better than simply starring in a rom com with Justin Long. Drew first burst onto our screens in ET as Gertie and she was adorable. ET is one of my favourite films, and yes, I realise I sound like Dawson Leary but really, who doesn't love ET?

Drew made the fabulous Charlie's Angels (we won't dwell on the sequel) and produced that as well demonstrating that she is more than just a child star who overcame her addictions.

One of my favourite Drew films is The Wedding Singer. A film with Drew, about the 80s and starring Adam Sandler! It's like the holy grail. If you've not seen this mini masterpiece, you've not lived.

I watched Going the Distance on a flight last week and although it's not exactly a Drew classic, it's still eminently watchable because of her. She just has a very natural comedic presence and can say filthy lines innocently. Her line about oral sex had me snorting with laughter on the plane.

I think my all-time favourite Drew film is Music & Lyrics (after ET obviously but ET isn't really her film). Although this is a shameless attempt to recreate the success of The Wedding Singer with the 80s throwback, it really is funny. Say what you like about Hugh Grant but nobody can deliver a line quite like him.

I leave you with a scene from The Wedding Singer featrung Billy Idol. Awesome.


  1. My favourite Drew film (after ET, natch) is Boys on the Side. It's terrible, a proper Bad Movie We Love but Drew makes it worth watching

  2. Agree with everything you've said there... LOVE Drew Barrymore, I've got a proper girly crush on her!

    Also I've not said... your blog is ace! I'm loving reading it!


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