Thursday, 10 February 2011

Friday Night Lights

Today is a sad day my friends. Because tonight is the final night I will sit down to watch a new episode of Friday Night Lights. The final episode aired* last night in the US and thanks to the wonders of technology, I shall be watching it just 24 hours later.

My sister is one of the coolest people you'll ever meet and she has many great qualities but none top her television recommendations. She introduced me to Gilmore Girls, she was the one I watched Dynasty with, we went to the cinema together to watch Ferris and Top Gun and her finest hour was asking me if I was watching Friday Night Lights. The answer was no but it was soon rectified and I shall be eternally grateful to her.

If you've not watched this fine show, you really are missing out. Yes, it's about American football and no, I couldn't care less about American football (or any football for that matter). Yes, it's set in a small town in Texas where they all go to church and no, I am not interested in small towns in Texas and am allergic to religion. Nonetheless, it is compelling television. There is something about the way it is filmed that you actually feel you are there with them in Dillon, Texas and, here's the kicker, you are very happy to be there with them!

The story is about the coach of the football team and his wife (a perfect tv mom) - they are the constant throughout the five seasons. You meet the kids on the team and their various trials and tribulations. I'm not going to lie to you, a large part of the appeal lies in the character of Tim Riggins - a major TV crush. But even if Tim wasn't in this, I'd watch it avidly. It's simply wonderful.

I shall be very sad tonight. If you read Alan Sepinwall, you'll see he is practically inconsolable about the end of this series. It's that good. Everyone I have recommended it to loves it. By the way, give it a chance, it takes a few episodes to warm up properly.  Yes, it fits into teen TV but it also just fits into mighty fine TV that appeals to everyone. I plan to go back to season 1 and start again once tonight is over.

Below is a promo for the series set to Devil Town - it gives you a feel for the show.

*Not strictly true, it's an arrangement I don't understand where it's not actually on TV. Fortunately I am married to someone who understands all this.


  1. I haven't visited channel crime to get this yet, part of me wants to leave it for as long as possible so I don't have to say that I'll never see a new epsiode of FNL again ..... it's almost as bad as the last ever TWW *sniff*


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