Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Take That

Where do I start when talking about Take That? A band I really never thought would survive and just look at them now.

Way back in the last century I went to university. While I was there I made a dear friend who introduced me to Barry Manilow. We shared a love of Lenny Kravitz. Yes, we were destined to become BFF. And the day she discovered a little band called Take That was a fateful one. I clearly remember her coming back after the Christmas holidays in the second year, coming round to my house clutching a video tape and saying "Teenager! You have to watch this video I have of a band called Take That."

And so an obsession began. Yes, we were too old to be such hardcore devoted fans but we were doing an arts degree, we had time on our hands. I won't go into the indignity now but it involved buying every single issue of Smash Hits, discussing which one was the best endlessly and watching that video daily. We went to see them live, some of us chased after tour buses and we mourned when they split. But it felt right. I was never happy with their Bee Gees cover.

Years passed. Marky (he is always Marky) went on Celebrity Big Brother, Gary released some turgid songs, Robbie grew an ego the size of a mountain and we laughed at what we were once like. We were cured. No more TT obsession for us.

Then they got back together. And even then, I was a bit apathetic. No Robbie? It didn't feel quite right. I was never a huge Robbie fan but I felt TT without him wasn't quite right. Then my dear friend got me a ticket to see them at Wembley - the tour with the elephant. We went along not expecting much and OMG, it was awesome. It was properly incredible. Before we knew it, the obsession was back. Maybe not in quite such force as we're, ummmm, grown ups now and have jobs and lives and stuff. But suddenly I was listening to TT songs all the time, I had an opinion on Gary (not so bad these days), Marky let me down with his affairs and BOOM, who were we kidding, we were Thatters again.

As if all that wasn't enough, Robbie rejoined the band! The impossible happened. Four were five again and oh, you couldn't make it up could you? So off we go to Wembley again this July to see all five of them once more. Almost 20 years after we did that first time. And I think their songs are better than ever. Rule the World? Marvellous. In fact, a power ballad I love.

So keep em coming boys as in a small corner of London, you'll always have a Thatter holding a candle for you. And Jason? Mrs Orange sounds good to me.

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