Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Together in Electric Dreams

There are some songs that are timeless despite a heavy use of synthesiser and Together In Electric Dreams is such a song. This is one of the happiest songs I can think of. I love it so much, I seriously considered walking down the aisle to it when I got married but this idea was sadly vetoed by my husband. My mistake was mentioning it too soon, after four weeks of me throwing suggestions at him (including the Rocky theme) he gave up and said 'whatever makes you happy'.

I think Phil Oakley was a bit of a genius and am a fan of Human League (although I rarely listen to them now) but this will always be his finest hour. And Giorgio, what can I say? Look at that picture up there and tell me he isn't someone you want to be your friend?

Have a listen and be transported to a world where happy thoughts reign. We'll always be together...


  1. This is one of the greatest songs ever. No doubt about that. I particularly love Oakey's totally English delivery of the lyrics. Can you imagine how different it would have sounded with a slightly more American twang to it? That is one of the beauties of it (for me). It just sounds so happy. And the way he sings the word "dreams" is perfect. He has such a great range.

    Can you tell that I really like this song?

  2. I know - this really is my favourite blog EVER!!


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