Thursday, 10 February 2011

Opening credits - Little House on the Prairie

Some shows transport you back to weekend television as a kid and Little House on the Prairie is definitely one of them. A friend of mine reminded me of this last night and it's an obvious contender for my Opening Credits spot. It has a wagon in it for goodness sake. Early LHOTP was great, later on it became sentimental and pretty much unwatchable but I still remember the episode when Mary went blind. Blind? I couldn't believe it!

Michael Landon was lovely in this as Pa Ingalls. I am sighing nostalgically just thinking about it. A fantastic theme and opening credits with the three girls running down, well, the prairie. Excuse me while I go and plait my hair.


  1. I've just watched the episode where Mr Edwards and Grace married and adopted the Anderson children and I SOBBED.

    It is just such enjoyable and innocent.

    Oh and Willie Oleson is following me on Twitter and wants to be bridesmaid for my imaginary wedding to Pa :-)

  2. Everything about that post is just perfect, Diffbird!

  3. I've only just seen this and am snorting with laughter!


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