Monday, 25 July 2011

Thelma & Louise

It's twenty years since this film came out. A film so magnificent that it deserves its own special category of fabulousness. Yes, I rather like this. What's not to love about a film with two wonderful actresses at the top of their game kicking ass in spectacular scenery?

I've seen it so many times, I've written essays about it at university, I've listened to Ridley Scott's commentary on the DVD, I've listened to the soundtrack over and over. I therefore feel well qualified to tell you why it's great.

It's great because it's a film about female empowerment. The journey Thelma makes from downtrodden housewife to store-robbing, gun-shooting (never injuring anyone), orgasm-having Independent Woman is a joy to behold. I have so many favourite scenes but one of my top ones is when she locks the obnoxious cop in the trunk and says "you have a wife? Well, be sweet to her, my husband wasn't sweet to me and look what happened!"

Other scenes I love:
  • Pretty much every scene with Brad Pitt. Truly Brad was never better and when she drives by him and pants like a dog to Louise, it makes me giggle every time.
  • "I think it's the goddamned Grand Canyon!"
  • Finally getting their revenge on the sexist truck driver.
  • Thelma floating in to breakfast after her evening with JD.
  • Thelma robbing the store and her husband watching the security camera in amazement.
  • The whole subtext of Texas and what happened to Louise there. We don't need to be told, we just know.
  • The way they blend into the desert scenery as the movie progresses.
  • My all-time favourite line from Thelma: "You get what you settle for."
I don't know why Geena Davis isn't in more films, she is fantastic. And she wouldn't have a body double for the love scene with Brad - can you blame her?

Here's one of my fave scenes. Enjoy.

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