Sunday, 3 July 2011

Top ten annoying male TV characters

It's been over two months since I did my list of annoying female characters. Now it's time for the men. I am not going to lie, it was harder compiling this list and I put this down to scriptwriters making women more annoying rather than me being unsisterly. Let's get to it.

10. First up is a strange choice, Robin Colcord from Cheers. Never let it be said that I don't have a memory like an elephant when it comes to television. Robin was the stuffy English guy Rebecca chased after inexplicably. I have no idea whether this actor is English but he pops up in The West Wing years later playing the most annoying character ever. I hate it when American television portrays the English as eccentric lunatics and get their facts wrong. I dislike this actor anyway and the character was ill-advised. Some of us spent several years getting over the departure of Diane and characters like this did not help us.

9. This is a bit controversial. Danny from The Kids From Fame. I don't know, what was the point of Danny? He was the comedian who wasn't very funny. He couldn't sing very well. I just used to find every scene he was in to be rather tedious. Sorry Carlo but there it is.

8. Talking of controversial, we come to Dr Peter Benton. The surly, moody surgeon in ER. Now, I actually quite liked what they did with his character a lot of the time and I applaud that they had a miserable bastard portraying a surgeon as I am sure surgeons are moody and not particularly nice. However, Benton was relentlessly horrible to everyone around him. When he left, I didn't miss him.

7. Bill from True Blood. Not cute, not sexy, bad hair, annoying accent. Sookie, you could be with Eric. Have a word.

6. Just looking at Dan from Gossip Girl is making my blood pressure rise. The whole Humphrey family could fall into the river Hudson and I'd be cheering but I especially loathe Dan. He thinks he knows best, he's supercilious, he's smug and he's tedious. Be gone Danny Boy.

5. Oh good heavens above. Billy in Melrose Place was meant to be a heartthrob but did anyone get past the hair? The fact that Andrew Shue couldn't act at all or the fact that his character was an ocean of wetness? Message me if you did. I am genuinely interested.

4. Steven Carrington in Dynasty famously had his face melted in a oil rig explosion which meant a new actor. They cast him well, the new guy looked plastic. The old Steven was quite hot. Along with a new head, they gave him a new personality, just like they did when they brought in Emma Samms to play Fallon. The new Steven was painful and suddenly no longer gay either. So offensive. Just urgh.

 3. Jess/Logan in Gilmore Girls. Now this is cheating a bit I know but I couldn't choose between them and I wasn't having two characters from my beloved Gilmore Girls in the list. So they are together. Both Rory's boyfriends, both supremely irritating in their own special way. First, Jess. Jess with his leather jacket to denote he was a bad boy. Jess who sulked and was actually horrible to Rory when she didn't really deserve it. Jess who needed a slap. Best bit - when Luke pushed him in the lake. As for Logan, he made Jess look almost good. No wonder Rory was so annoying with such lame boyfriends. They should have kept Dean. I liked Dean.

2. Aidan from Sex and the City. I have nothing against John Corbett at all, he's a good actor and I've enjoyed him in other things. This is absolutely all about the character of Aidan. I know there are women who swoon about Aidan. I always disliked him. Aidan was wimpy, pathetic and he made furniture. Give me Mr Big any day of the week. Aidan and Carrie were simply never convincing as a couple. When they got back together and he was really mean to her - pfffft. She should have just dumped him there and then.

1. This is so inevitable. I didn't have to even think about who had the number one spot. Brandon Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210. He was horrible. He was in every season and he just got worse and worse. He reached his pinnacle of obnoxiousness when he was dating Kelly. And his hair? No. No no no. They should have killed him off. Hated. Him.

Phew. As always, after a rant I am feeling better and ready for my supper. Who have I missed out? Tell me in the comments.


  1. Good grief! Where to start?
    Ok .... I agree 100% with Brandon and Billy from 90210, truly annoying, loathsome characters made all the worst for the fact they were meant to be the heart throbs of their respective shows. Ick, I say.
    Bill from True Blood? Never seen the show so can't comment.
    As for the others, I don't think I agree with any of them!
    So from the top!
    Robin from Cheers - can't honestly say I remember him so I'll bow down to your far superior memory here (and gloss over the fact that you're saying anything negative about my beloved The West Wing
    Carlo from Fame - well, Julie was just so awful that everyone else in comparison was great.
    Benton. Really? I loved the fact they made him arrogant and self centred without really giving him any redeeming features at all. I've yet to meet a surgeon who wasn't! He was far preferable to Carter!
    I find Dan from Gossip Girl mildly irritating but that's all.
    Steven Carrington - hmmmm. A bit meh maybe but not really annoying.
    Jess & Logan. Sure, they weren't lovely Dean but they were fine. I thought it was good that they gave Rory 'real' boyfriends. You know, one's that didn't think she was little Miss Perfect and actually treated her badly at times.
    Aiden - ok, I can see where you're coming from here. My love for Aiden actually stems from my love for Chris in the Morning from Northern Exposure. And it might be controversial but I found Big a far more annoying character.

    I'm off now to ponder MY top 10 list .... I will return!

  2. I can tell I'm going to be adding to this in dribs and drabs, as characters come to mind!
    Lucas Scott - One Tree Hill. So your dad dumped your mum when he found out she was pregnant. So what? Get over it!

    Dawson O'Leary surely has to figure in any top ten list anywhere. And for that matter so does Mitch.

  3. You need to watch True Blood! Yes to Lucas but that's such a bad show, everyone in it is annoying. Dawson - I now like James VDB so can forgive Dawson!

  4. So agree about Benton. Yes he is rather realistic but he didn't do that surgeon thing of being all lovely to people when they have someone around to impress. That's how most surgeons seem to act - surprisingly they can read my name badge when they have a pretty med student with them.

    I was really young when The Kids from Fame was on but Danny was my favourite. Probably as he was the standard eye candy. EVEN SO, at that age I wondered 'do comedians really go to stage school?'.

    HOW DO YOU REMEMBER ALL THIS STUFF (says she who sang the ADVERT to the A-Team TOYS at work last night)??

  5. Danny was your favourite? How is that even possible?!

  6. I should clarify - he was my favourite 'boy'. Doris was my favourite ;-)

    MissDisco - just noticed your comment about Mitch and A THOUSAND TIMES YES. More so than Dawson as he made Dawson what he was. That boy had no chance to be anything other than annoying.

  7. Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure that if a show wants to include an English character, they may want to make sure they get their facts straight, or for that matter, have someone who is actually English be on the show, so the accent is authentic. Don't get an American to fake a British accent, because the funny thing is that I've heard that there are various accents in England, depending on the region, like Liverpudlian from Liverpool or Cockney accent from London, which is the most common. But, omg, I'm with ya. I haven't even seen half of these shows and already they look annoying on those shows


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