Thursday, 14 July 2011

Live Aid, part 2

I felt I couldn't blog about Live Aid and not mention U2's performance. I am of the opinion that Bono is a complete arse however there was a time when I didn't mind that about him and he managed to rein it in a bit. U2's performance at Live Aid was legendary and all because of this one song, Bad. I love Bad, it's a beautiful song. I watched this again having not seen it since 1985 and my one thought is "Bono, what a mullet!" The man knows how to work a crowd though.



  1. It was FANTASTIC to be allowed to watch this from to start to finish. As much of a cliché the song is, I think there was no better way to open the London show than Status Quo! My brother gave me the DVD for my birthday a few years back - it's amazing though I've not seen it all yet. I remember Madonna performing with THOMPSON TWINS!! How crazy is that (I just had to wiki it to check my brain and yes it happened.

  2. I find Bono sooooooo trying. I mean I love U2, adore them even ..... but Bono really does test my love.


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