Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Prince - Sometimes It Snows In April

It snowed in Scotland today. And I read that statistically it's more likely to snow at Easter than at Christmas, I quoted this to a colleague who poo poo-ed my informational nugget to which I replied, "even Prince says sometimes it snows in April." They looked at me blankly. Honestly, my wit and popular culture knowledge is wasted on my work colleagues. Well, some of them. Another one sent me a message saying she wanted to spend a large potion of our meeting tomorrow discussing Betty Draper. That's the kind of colleague you want!

Anyway, we digress. Indeed, today proves that sometimes it does snow in April. It's a frequent event in Scotland I'll be bound. Maybe Prince wrote the song somewhere further south. Taken from one of his best albums, Parade, this is lovely ballad (although crucially not a power ballad) but it is terribly sad. It makes me feel pensive. Prince really is a genius, he's due a tribute post soon I think. In the meantime, let's get sad together. Inexplicably this is accompanied by strange fish.

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