Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sheena Easton

Back in time we go to the early 80s when Sheena was a big star. Ahhhh, such innocent times. The Scottish lass who made it big on The Big Time. Whenever I think of Sheena, I think of my nan disapprovingly saying that she'd ruined herself with all that make-up and she looked much better with a natural pretty face! Grandmothers are on this earth to make such comments.

What to make of Sheena? Did you know she'd been married four times? That is was watching The Way We Were that made her want to be a singer? She was huge in America of course and the fact is, she could actually, properly sing.

This video is hilarious, she looks strangely contemporary in it with her turquoise jumpsuit.


Sheena did two songs for the About Last Night album (one of my favourite albums, obviously) and both are songs I still listen to. It formed a montage in the film and wouldn't you know, here it is. Bonus Rob Lowe in this post.

Natural Love. Another montage scene but I can't find it on YouTube. I could describe it scene by scene but I will spare you. Suffice to say, it's the song they move in together to. And a giant bear is involved. It's very bouncy - the song, not the bear.

You haven't really made it until you've done a Bond theme. It's not a total classic but it's still pretty good. Very slinky.

However, her highpoint for me will always be U Got The Look. Your body's heck a slammin'. Only Prince could write such a lyric. This is when she sexed up. Of course Prince doesn't allow his songs on YouTube so I can't show you a proper version of it but hey, we all know it right? It's a brilliant song.

I am a bit disappointed to see what she looks like now. Housewife of New Jersey springs to mind. Sheena, go and find your Prince again.

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  1. My step-mother kind-of discovered Sheena Easton! Step-ma was a researcher on The Big Time, which was the programme that found and launched her career...


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