Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Opening credits - Baywatch

Today was a beautiful day here in London town. Spring has sprung. And so naturally my thoughts turned to warm climes, sunny beaches and Baywatch - one of the best early Saturday evening programmes ever made.

Yet again, David Hasselhoff does us proud. If you were expecting a picture of a buxom blonde up there in a teeny red costume, I am sorry but I am a girl and I don't wish to oblige. Respect to The Hoff. Watching these credits again takes me back to the 90s, the days before the internet when TV really was a unifying force. Everyone watched Baywatch. Marvellously simple in its premise: sexy people run around LA beaches in very little clothing. Who really bothered to care what happened week in and week out? This is the show that gave us the wonderful Chandler line in Friends: "Run Yasmin, run like the wind!"

Ah yes. The show that gave us Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth (what a name!) and Erika Eleniak. I didn't have to look up those names. Oh and Jeremy Jackson...

There's very little I can say about the show itself but plenty about the credits. For starters, it takes them 45 seconds to even get to the first actor, The Hoff. There is so much establishing going on. Sunny beach, hot chicks in bikinis, speedboats. It's hilarious. Then there's the song. I love this song. That drum introduction, the expectation, the drama and then the man wailing away about how he'll be there. It's called I'll Be Ready by Jimmi Jamison by the way. Don't say you don't learn from this blog.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!


  1. The Hoff was once a patient at my hospital ..... he was the most tanned patient I've ever seen!


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