Saturday, 5 March 2011

Appreciation of Keanu Reeves

My Poison post led me to thinking about Keanu Reeves which is always a pleasant activity. It's been over twenty years that I've been appreciating Keanu and it's time to take stock.

I think Keanu is the ultimate slacker icon, from Bill & Ted to The Matrix, all his films seem to have taken him by surprise as much as us. There's something refreshingly natural about him, you can imagine him being someone you could have a drink with and he'd be totally unaware of his beautiful face. I suppose a bit like Johnny Depp but less grungy. Johnny always looks like he might whiff a bit.

Speed was a breakthrough film for Keanu and whilst I do like Speed, for me, his pinnacle will always be Point Break. Point Break is another Top 10 film for me. I am a sucker for any film that features surfing; throw in Patrick Swayze, Keanu and Kathryn Bigelow at the helm and I am weak at the knees. It's a great film and I won't hear a word against it. Keanu's slightly vacant acting style suits it perfectly. I think Keanu's  finest hours have been when directors appreciate his blankness: Bill & Ted (obviously), The Matrix (he is meant to be confused for a lot of it) and My Own Private Idaho (weird film but my he looks pretty in it).

He is so pretty. He is looking a little plastic these days and I hate the thought of him having any surgery but ohhhhh, he was divine.

My friend and I once wrote a poem about him. Yes, when I wasn't chasing Take That at uni, I was swooning over Keanu. I think I still have it somewhere. We went to see Dogstar (his ill-fated band) just so we could see him up close. We all drove to the premiere of Speed in Southwold because we were convinced he might turn up (ummm, no he didn't) and we paused and rewatched the beach scene in Point Break endlessly on our video.

I can't believe Point Break was twenty years ago. Here's the trailer. Enjoy!


  1. 'That's what little dudes do'

  2. It took me a long time to find out who this fellow was. I kept on hearing his name without being able to put a face to it.

  3. Honorary mention to Parenthood as another marvellous Keanu film!


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