Monday, 14 March 2011

Opening credits - Hart to Hart

Hart to Hart was one of the worst programmes ever made. Naturally I loved it. Oh, I wanted to be Jonathan Hart on that plane in the first scene of the opening credits.

I am a complete sucker for narrated credits. I'd love to give you other examples but my mind has gone blank. Max does us proud here - "when they met, it was moider!" Ask my sister and she will tell you about me asking her if that actually meant they murdered each other. I was only little.

This show was all about style over substance. The plot was the same every week - either dashing Jonathan ("he's quite a guy") or Jennifer "(She's gorgeous!") would uncover something suspicious, be in danger, rescue each other and then have a final scene in bed talking about it which ended in a sweeping kiss: fade to black.

They didn't have children and to my recollection, there was no mention of them. They had a lurve that needed no kids - just them, Max and Freeway the dog.

Oh, those were the days. Another Aaron Spelling classic.


  1. Hang on, is that Samantha from SATC at 1.05?

  2. And when they met it was moider!

  3. And as for narrated credits, how could you forget Hong Kong Phoey?!

  4. Sow - no it's Stephanie Powers in a wig!

    Disco - oh yes, of COURSE!


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