Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The OC

The OC was a funny one. It was an immediate hit and it's easy to see why: gorgeous cast, California setting, soapy plots. But it got bad so fast and never recovered from that. Looking back, even at the opening credits, now, it seems old fashioned. Gossip Girl is so much slicker and hip. Even Glee is more knowing. The OC was a proper soap.

Things that were great about The OC:
Peter Gallagher. Always liked him and it was fun to see him in this.
Adam Brody. Even though he left Gilmore Girls to star in this, I forgave him. A great character.
Seth and Summer. A couple you really rooted for.
Rachel Bilson. Pretty and funny. Where is she now?
Jim Robinson from Neighbours!
Julie who married Jim Robinson from Neighbours! A great TV soap bitch.
Fab theme tune.

Things that weren't great:
Marissa/Mischa Barton.
Dear god but she was annoying.  I don't know why anyone thought she was the star, she's a horrible actress. She is beautiful and I guess that's all you need. Depressing. But weirdly, they kill her off and the show declines rapidly. I tried, I really did but I had to give up on it. It wasn't that I missed her, more that even the writers seemed to have given up.

The first couple of seasons were fun though and I am a sucker for a California beach scene. Let's enjoy the Phantom Planets together and dream of sunny climes. Welcome to The OC, bitch.


  1. Jim Robinson from Neighbours is in EVERYTHING: Lost, 24, Ugly Betty, The West Wing, Entourage. Seriously, does he have some sort of contract that means you can't make a show Stateside unless Alan Dale is in it?!

  2. I think he's done amazingly well considering he isn't very good!

  3. The actress who plays Julie is fantastic, I love her stint in CSI.


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