Monday, 28 March 2011

About Last Night

Remember me telling you how much I loved St Elmo's Fire?  Well, this is SEF's grown up sister. Another contender for film of the 80s Chez Teenager, I consider this to be another masterpiece of the Brat Pack genre. Although is it really a Brat Pack film? I am saying yes - Rob and Demi were brat packers, it qualifies.

I know I say this all the time but god, this film is perfect, Rob at his all-time prettiest. Demi at her cutest. I love her best friend Joan played by Elizabeth Perkins. She's uptight and jealous but a good friend. And James Belushi is great in this as Billy's sleazy best mate, Bernie. This was based on a David Mamet play and I watch the West End eagerly in the hope someone will revive it one day. No luck yet.

It has a soundtrack that is well worth mentioning. It goes without saying that I owned it on cassette. Sheena Easton had not one but two songs on it. I still play that album sometimes - I upgraded to a CD of course.

So, some great lines from About Last Night:

"I'm sick of hating, I mean god Joan, I don't know if I have any hate left" (oh the drama!)
"Your vulgarian friend is downstairs bending innocent people's fenders"
"He's a better human being than that bitch on wheels you've got for a friend!"
"You're not leaving are you?" "No. we're walking in backwards" (I love this)
"Interesting broad, where did she develop her personality? A car crash?"
"I refuse to go out with a man whose ass is smaller than mine"

Awww, I type those lines and I want to watch it again. For the hundredth time. It's a classic and I love it. Rob and Demi will never be as good again.

Now tell me, what do you do on sandwich night?


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