Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Power ballads - Careless Whisper, George Michael

The song of my teenage years: the coiffered hair, the suit, the video, the Marbella setting and most of all those guilty feet that are never going to dance again. Oh George. George, George, George. This is one of the many reasons I adore you and always will. A song you knocked out on the bus with Andrew which is an 80s classic.

The sax opening leads to an almost perfect power ballad. There is a lot of fist clenching (no, don't be rude at the back there), I simply mean there is a lot of emotion in this song. I sometimes wonder if George Michael looks back at his 80s videos and cringes. He does look ridiculous in this but you can't doubt he means it as he croons along. My favourite moment in the video is when the wicked wanton woman grabs him and pulls him back on the bed with red silk sheets. HI-LARIOUS!

I feel Careless Whisper is a little overlooked in the George oeuvre. It suffers from being overplayed that's for sure but it really is up there in my Top 10 power ballads of all time. It has it all for me. A master at the top of his game. Imitated but never bettered. God bless you George for giving us this. I am not allowed to embed it so you'll just have to watch it here. And remember, there's no comfort in the truth...

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  1. i love george michael when he was young he was so hot his hair his body his face. his music was really good. love careless whisper i cant stop over playing it


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