Sunday, 3 April 2011

Veronica Mars

Yet another show I have my sister to thank for. She told me to watch this and bought me the first season on DVD and yes, another obsession began.

Veronica Mars is about a 16 year old girl who solves crimes. That sounds really lame but it's awesome and the reason it is so awesome is down to some great writing and the wonderful Kristen Bell (the voice of Gossip Girl) who is fantastic in this. She's the outcast at school (having once been the popular girl) and the first season shows what happened in a series of flashbacks. Her best friend Lily is murdered and Veronica finds out who did it. Lily is played by Amanda Seyfried who is also excellent. The usual romance ensues along the way with the deeply yummy Logan (Jason Dohring) who I developed quite the crush on.

The best thing about this however, as if all that isn't enough, is that Harry Hamlin is in it! Yes, Mikey from LA Law! Always loved him, always will and he has great fun playing a sadistic dad.

There are three seasons of this and to my mind, there should have been more. Season two dipped a little in quality but season three was stellar. It's an intelligent show with teen appeal but also appeals more broadly. I heartily recommend it. It has some marvellous opening credits courtesy of the Dandy Warhols. Interestingly, they did a very different version for season three to reflect the darker nature of the show.

I present both for your delectation.

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