Sunday, 3 April 2011

Power Ballads - Gold, Spandau Ballet

I never had much time for Spandau Ballet however even bad 80s bands had their moments of glory and Gold is theirs. You can keep True which is just annoying and give me this any day of the week.

From the rather epic opening to Tony's soaring tones (see what I did there?!), it's simply wonderful in a fist clenching kind of way. Tony Hadley always sang like he really meant it - the man poured his body and soul into their songs, bless him.

Gold is a song I can always listen to. It just came on the radio thus inspiring this post and I sung along at the top of my voice while dancing round my bedroom. It's that kind of song. So I can forgive the boys their terrible haircuts, falling out, The Krays, Gary Kemp in The Bodyguard and Martin Kemp in Eastenders because they gave us this classic. Thank you boys.



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