Monday, 18 April 2011

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA

I am well aware that a die-hard Bruce fan would be blogging about Nebraska or some rare bootleg or whatever. Whatever indeed because I am a Born in the USA girl through and through. I first heard this album, appropriately enough, in America and I still think it's great today.

Firstly, what an album cover. Iconic and so clever. This is what the download generation is missing folks. Great album covers of their youth. I pity them. So yes, a fab cover and some proper rock songs contained therein. Obviously there is Dancing in the Dark with the famous Courtney Cox appearance. She looks so young!  Did you know that Brian De Palma filmed that video? Nope, me either until tonight. Not sure why they needed him to be honest, it doesn't look very difficult to make. I love Bruce's dancing in this - such 80s dancing. Also seen in the prom scene in Pretty in Pink and Demi Moore's dancing in St Elmo's Fire.

Another favourite is I'm On Fire. I adore this song and always have. It's very low key but lovely. In fact, looking at the playlist, I realise I love all the songs on this. It's so blue-collar America and perfect. I did American Studies at university and it used to amuse us that someone on the course had chosen to write a dissertation on the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen but now I wish I had been more imaginative with my subject matter. I could have done mine on the depiction of teenagers on film. Why didn't I do that? Oh such regrets...

Born in the USA (the song) is an anthem. I am feeling nostalgic just listening to it. I really must listen to this whole album again and soon.

My favourite track on the album is Glory Days. I just love it. It has such a great video that I remember watching endlessly at my dad's one summer, back when MTV was good. I just love that guy in the bandana! I sound about a hundred so I shall leave it there and you with Glory Days. Oh and Bruce is 62. How did that happen?


  1. I "didn't like Bruce Springsteen" in the same way I "didn't like Tom Hanks" - I just one day realised that I had just presumed I didn't like Bruce cos...I dunno!!! Probably it was the video of Dancing In The Dark (which I now LOVE)!

    I remember when Streets Of Philadelphia came out I thought 'hang on - he's quite good' and realised I had got Bruce all wrong!! I'm On Fire is so understated but so so beautiful. It's the line 'only you can cool my desire'....sigh*

    I even like his recent stuff and think he does a storming version of "Old Dan Tucker" - which, if you aren't aware, is the song Mr Edwards always used to sing in Little House on the Prairie!!

  2. I love love love Streets Of Philadelphia.


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