Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Power Ballads - If You Leave Me Now, Chicago

First Boston, now Chicago. Ahhh the great cities of America have done us proud. I have a soft spot for Chicago. I know nobody is surprised to read this, it's not like I've pretended to be a fan of death metal or anything.

When I was at university (in Hull, since you ask) me and my dear housemate used to talk far too much but we had a pact that we would study while the Late Night Love Affair* was on Viking radio and then reconvene to chat some more. It was the final year, we took it seriously. And so we'd go to our rooms, tune into Viking and this song was pretty much played every night. Like I ever got any studying done when Peter Cetera started warbling. What a legend he is. I love most Chicago songs, I am a fan of Hard To Say I'm Sorry and Hard Habit To Break (even though it's a weird song with that rocky sort of bit in the middle). Baby What A Big Surprise! One of the best song titles ever. But my desert island song is this one. Enjoy!

*All local radio stations have an equivalent I believe. Love songs requested by listeners. Viking's was legendary. Who knew Hull had so much romance?


  1. Ahhhh Chicago! What was the Chicago song (or was it Peter Cetera on his own) in The Karate Kid?


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