Saturday, 2 April 2011


Thirtysomething was all very intense. In the way television of the 80s and 90s was. This began in 1987 and only ran for four seasons so it is really an 80s show. It was so earnest, you just wanted to tell them to lighten up a bit.

Naturally I watched it. I used to love it and thought Michael and Hope were the perfect couple. On reflection they were really dull. Melissa was the interesting one, the one in love with Gary but it never worked out for them and then he met that snotty woman they all disliked. Then he died. I still can't quite believe they killed Gary. Along with Bobby's death in Dallas, I was traumatised.

The interesting thing about thirtysomething is what the cast all went on to do. Timothy Busfield (Eliot, who I loathed in this show) turned up as CJ's true love in The West Wing and redeemed himself. Peter Horton (Gary) played a guy on a bike in Singles in a little post-modern nod to his untimely death in this. Then, who knows where his career went? His high point was he was once married to Michelle Pfieffer. Ken Olin (Michael) turned to producing and directing - he directed some of the The West Wing. I always notice his name in credits. Patricia Wettig (Nancy) has been in loads of things including Brothers and Sisters - she's one of those actresses that just pops up all the time. And I've saved the best until last, Mel Harris (Hope) played Jen's mum in Dawson's Creek! A casting decision that made me feel really old.

Here are the opening credits which really do sum up the show beautifully.

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