Sunday, 10 April 2011

Power Ballads - Dream On, Aerosmith

Aerosmith are one of my favourite bands and I am ashamed to say I only discovered this song via Glee which is really embarrassing. However I have atoned since then by going to see them live last year and they were more than awesome, they were simply magnificent. Steve Tyler is a legend. They opening the gig with Love in an Elevator and I defy you to name a greater song to open a rock gig with. You can check out the full setlist here - I love that site.

When they got to Dream On, the crowd went wild. I think this sets the standard for a power ballad: overblown, bluesy singing, piano solo, guitar solo and a slow start building up to an epic climax. It's one of the best songs ever and it is coming with me to my desert island.

A word about the Glee version. I shall save my thoughts on Glee for another post but they did a great job with this song mainly because of Neil Patrick Harris who I love and adore. I have a fruitless crush on him.

But this song is Mr Tyler's and only he can yowl and do it full justice. Check out this video which doesn't work on here - the piano comes from the sky and lands on the stage. Epic. And here they are live. Enjoy!

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