Wednesday, 20 April 2011


One of the most joyful songs of the 80s has to be Footloose. Who can sit still to this song? It's just toe-tappingly wonderful. One of my dear friends picked this to be played at my wedding disco and we did indeed kick off our sunday shoes and get back before we crack. I like to think we did Kevin proud.

Oh Kenny Loggins, the world would be a poorer place without you my friend. I am ambiguous about the film however. I know it is a little controversial to not love Footloose but I just can't stand Lori Singer and she goes quite a way to ruining it for me. It's noteworthy that she never did much after this. Possibly because she was so bad in it. She can't even dance. Who gave her this part? I also find the story hard to believe. I know that it's not really about buying into the story but a town that bans dancing?! Really? I thought I had it bad growing up in Essex but hey, we were allowed to dance at the local youth club.

On the plus side we have one of the best soundtracks of the 80s. Along with Kenny, we have Let's Hear It For The Boy, a song I still regularly bop along to. And Bonnie and Foreigner. It's a delight.

The major bonus of Footloose is, of course, Kevin Bacon. What a legend he is and a bit of a crush. He is sublime in this. I never had much time for Will & Grace but the episode with Kevin and the Footloose dancing has my crying with laughter. Here it is, it's at 49 seconds. Enjoy!


  1. Bloody Lori Singer, she was terrible in Fame and beyond awful in Footloose, I can only assume she slept with someone to get the part. Kevin, on the other hand, was heavenly.
    Another film you first saw with your sister? She sounds fabulous!

  2. Ok? OK? I think we can do better than that!


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