Wednesday, 13 April 2011


When Glee burst on to our screens last year I described it as The Kids From Fame with irony and slickness. On reflection, that was generous of me. The first twelve episodes of Glee were great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I consider the revival of Don't Stop Believin' to be a wonderful addition to our lives and I loved the rendition of Golddigger.

However, something happened when it came back after a break to finish season one. It somehow wasn't as enjoyable. I felt the novelty of Sue Sylvester had worn off somewhat and well, I just couldn't quite care in the same way. But I watched it until the end of season one and loved what they did with Poker Face. Also, Vogue = genius.

I eagerly awaited season two in the hope that it might stage a comeback but I'm afraid I watched in horror as I realised this show was a one-trick pony. Whole episodes themed around an artist are all very well when it's Madonna but Justin Bieber? Kill me now. A show dedicated to The Rocky Horror Show? A film that makes me want to pull my eyelashes out one by one so I can count them and have something to do other than watch tired, student tosh? Ummm, no. Gwyneth Paltrow? Seriously, no. I have major Gwynnie issues.

So I stopped watching it around episode four. I stuck around for Papa Can You Hear Me? however even that was not done well. You don't mess with Barbra. Rachel is no Barbra.

I was gleeful but I am no more. It's sad but there you go. There is enough quality television available and not enough time for me to pursue it so I have to be ruthless.  It feels a bit like a summer fling; exciting at the time but already I am looking back and thinking it was all a bit silly and a bit embarrassed. I still like Don't Stop Believin' so let's wave it goodbye to that. With added lyrical goodness. Enjoy!

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  1. I'll agree that the first half of season 1 was fantastic and that it has gone off the boil since then but I still (mostly) enjoy Glee


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