Monday, 11 April 2011

Madonna - 80s

Trying to sum up Madonna in one blog post is not possible for me so I thought I'd do it by decades. And we begin at the beginning with my favourite decade in terms of looks. A look that inspired a million imitators. Nobody wore lace like Madonna.

In terms of music, it was a belter of a decade for our Madge. Like A Virgin still sounds good today and it had one of the best videos of all time. I've always been a big fan of Borderline, it has a really great intro. I've never liked Material Girl but I do love Papa Don't Preach. She was so much fun in the 80s. I've already discussed the joy that is Desperately Seeking Susan and we'll skip past Who's That Girl to talk about her marriage to Sean Penn. Now, I know I don't know Madonna (more's the pity because I know, like George Michael, we'd be mates although I'd make her eat some chocolate) but I believe Sean was her true love. Bratty and perfect together, I think she's always searched for what she had with Mr Penn but has never quite found it. I think we can all agree that with Guy she really was slumming it.

Back to 80s Madonna, the Madonna that inspired us all to dance in our bedrooms and wear way too much jewellery. She was an inspiration to a generation of school girls and when people tut and say she was just a wannabe and encouraged us to dress like sluts and couldn't really sing, it infuriates me. Madonna has always understood the business that is show and she may not have the world's best voice but she can dance better than pretty much any star of today, she had an innate understanding of her power and she's never had a public breakdown. In fact, I have always thought she looks like she really enjoys being famous. I'd rather be like Madonna than Cheryl Cole or Britney Spears frankly.

Amen to that. Let's look at her singing Like A Virgin. This outfit sums up the 80s!


  1. I really didn't like 80's Madonna. The only song from that era I had any time for was Into The Groove.


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