Saturday, 30 April 2011

Adam Ant

Adam Ant holds a special place in my heart as he was the first pop star that I adored. Who can blame me? He was pure pantomime pop and actually, gorgeous. Amazing bone structure. Johnny Depp can claim he took inspiration from Keith Richards for his Captain Sparrow but I think Adam Ant was an influence as well.

As a bonus he did real pop music. I still love Stand & Deliver , Prince Charming, Ant Music, Goodie Two Shoes. He's had a very tough time with mental health problems and I always cluck like a mother hen when I hear about them as I have such a soft spot for him. He was an act that really understood the power of image and he pulled it off like no other pop star from the 80s.

There was a bit of an obsession with highway men in the early 80s - anyone remember the TV show Dick Turpin with Richard O'Sullivan?! Adam did it slightly better.

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